Coinbase - FIL and BRAND on board / QUIZ ANSWERS

Coinbase - FIL and BRAND on board / QUIZ ANSWERS

Like everyone know Coinbase is organiasing series of the crypto learning that allows us to complete quiz and collect some coins worth from 3$ to even 10$. This week Coinbase launched new quizzes for their users: Filecoin and Band Protocol. For Filecoin lesson you can get 6$ and for Band Protocol lesson 3$ + 40$ for inviting your friends. Sounds really nice! :) 

So don't waste your time and get to work. Ahh... If lessons are not available for you use my invitations that help you to qualify. After using my link if you still can't join to quiz you have to provide activity to your account for examples make small deposit, transaction etc. - If you are my referral I will help you with that. On the next few days lesson will be unlocked for you ;) 

BAND - quiz answers:

1. Real world data

2. Oracles

3. Earn crypto rewards


FIL - quiz answers:

1. A decentralised marketplace for data storage and retrieval

2. Proof of replication and proof of spacetime

3. By its content







If you have any experience related with Coinbase please share it in the comments section! :) 


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