BcGame: Safety, Security and Reputation

BcGame: Safety, Security and Reputation

BcGame, established in 2019 is a provably fair blockchain crypto casino. In online gambling, provably fair is the term used to describe an algorithm which can be analysed and verified for fairness of the service operator.




BcGame runs its own node on the Bitcoin lightning network. Lightning is a decentralized network using smart contract functionality in the blockchain. This enables instant payments across a network of participants. Simply put, compare this to the many legal contracts that are made between parties. Not every time a contract is made does it require a visit to the court. The transactions and scripts are defined so the smart contract can be enforced on the blockchain. 




What all this means is that patrons of BC can expect lightning fast deposits and withdrawals with the comfort of security of their funds.




In the 4th quarter of last year (2019) BcGame was awarded with the itech labs random number generator certificate. This independent audit of BcGames provable fairness is just one more feather in this top crypto casino's cap. 




Checkout the recent overhaul of this online establishment now with BcGame version 3.0



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Cryptocurrency Essential - Casino
Cryptocurrency Essential - Casino

I offer earnest reviews which include my personal opinions and perspectives on Cryptocurrency Casinos. Blockchain technology has revolutionised the gaming industry and with it spawned a whole new brand of gaming utilising what is known as "Provably Fair" which allows each bet to be checked by anyone for fairness on behalf of the provider. I believe there has never been a safer time for one to partake in the pastime of gambling than it is right now.

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