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                It’s been awhile since a cryptocurrency actually caught my eye due to true adoption potential, but it has finally happened thanks to Jason Appleton. Jason Appleton goes by the name Crypto Crow and has a YouTube Channel that I follow and have found to be informative. Last week during one of his broadcast, Jason introduced as a potential new up and comer. While watching his presentation, I agreed that Presearch Affiliate Marketing Opportunity may have a chance to change how Affiliate Marketing works within search engines.

                As you probably already know, you need to be careful in who you follow in the crypto world because many online personalities are just out for themselves. They appear to care about their following, but are actually just out for personal financial gain. A lot of times they will discuss a cryptocurrency projects without disclosing that they are actually providing a paid endorsement. Jason Appleton has been 100% forth coming and has gained my trust. He is also a supporter of Cardano , which is my favorite blockchain project.

                As you probably already know, affiliate marketing is an industry worth well over $12 billion dollars and growing everyday. With numbers like that, it was just a matter of time before a cryptocurrency start up attempted to tap into the industry. With a bit of know-how and innovation, I believe has accomplished this feat with a Presearch (PRE) on the Ethereum Blockchain.

                The search engine gives users the ability to earn while they search similar to Brave. They also protect their user’s information like Brave does, but there is a major difference between these two search engines. Presearch gives its users the ability to apply their earned tokens towards Affiliate Marketing through staking.

                For example, if you purchase or earn PRE tokens, you can stake them against a Keyword on the search engine. The highest bidder gains ownership of the keyword and all the affiliate traffic associated with the keyword. The Keyword will be placement at the top of all searches that are associated with it. If you chose to sell your tokens or remove them from the stake, the second highest bidder will now get the traffic. Anyone who follows cryptocurrency knows that staking is the future and this is such a basic, but ingenuous way to use staking.

                Presearch tokens can be purchased on or earned, but they are also now available on Kucoin Exchange. This is excellent news because Kucoin is a respected exchange with reasonable fees unlike many other competitors. I can remember paying outrageous transaction fees to various unnamed exchanges before I understood how everything worked. I am sure I’m not alone on that one. I view it as participating in the learning curve unfortunately.

       currently has over a million users, which is a respectable number, but pales in comparison to search engine giants like Google and Bing. Presearch has a long way to go, but the concept and real world adoption is there. The question is if they can get the crypto world community to embrace their project and cause mass adoption in the Affiliate Marketing industry.

                Please remember that this blockchain project is speculative and only time will tell if mas adoption takes place. They may be on the verge of changing the Affiliate Marketing industry forever or they may disappear into oblivion like so many other projects has done. Please remember that I am just a guy out there on the internet with a passion for cryptocurrency. I am not a financial adviser and it is important for you to do your own research.

                 If you are planning to give Presearch a try, please support my blog by clicking on one of the Presearch Links throughout the blog and True Life Blogs will get a small stipend for your patronage. 

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