Launching our Cryptocurrency forum

Cryptocurrency forums 

There are already a lot of forums about Cryptocurrency the oldest and the most popular is 

and of course, each coin has its own forum to communicate and bind their investors and supporters and independent forums like ours

Our team is very active in some forums we decided to launch our forums not to compete with existing forums but to further promote 

Coins, projects, and products that are Cryptocurrency related

About Our Forum

Our forum is hosted in SMF script just like the ones being used by popular Cryptocurrency forums like Bitcointalk, altcoin talk, and many other forums

we have a lot of categories that will cater to every sectors and community of Cryptocurrency 

A member can request their own local boards provided it has five members to run the local boards and we will allow them to nominate their own moderators


Get rewards for posting on our forum

Content is king and it's useless if we don't have members provide us with great contents and because of this  we should reward our members who can provide us with valuable content to our readers and visitors


We are rewarding Our posters 2 Banano / 2 Doge / 1000 CCCVT our own token we will add more once we can monetize the forum

You can request your payout once you reached 20 posts 

we picked these two coins Doge and Banano because they offer the lowest fee and faster transactions


Forum goals

We are not in the business of competing with other forums social media and advertising companies we are here to promote support and discuss anything and everything related to Cryptocurrency provided it's legit and will give value to users


Cryptocurrency discussion Forum




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Cryptocurrency discussion forum updates

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