If your a content creator you need to use Brave

You need to use brave browser, or at least accept it as a form of payment on your web pages. Brave is a free VPN browser that blocks ads and malware while upgrading your connection when it can to https. Ive been using it for a few months and love it.

It makes money by having ads that you can choose to accept to see or not. Heres the bonus if you view and add, you get paid in BAT. It can sync with a bunch of wallets and they pay you monthly in BAT.

BAT is a token that has a fixed supply meaning as its adopted its possible it will be deflationary against other assets so price of BAT should rise as adoption increases.

You can then make your websites and YouTube channel able to accept tips in BAT and a user of brave browser can tip you directly from the browser without having to send to and address, pretty neat. check it out and follow my link and we each get rewarded.

Sign up for Brave Browser https://brave.com/ent091

Honestly long term I think this needs to be more widely accepted form of payment for mainstream news. I sometimes try to read new york times articles and there is a pay wall of a dollar. I really dont feel like typing in my credit card but would totally use my BAT that i earned for free just by browsing the internet and viewing some ads.

Bottom line, brave allows you to control your data, and share your info when you choose. Plus it works with meta mask so if you are into web3 and dapps you are good to go.

I highly encourage you to sign up and use this browser, and when prompted use duck duck go as your search browser to protect your data even more.

Cheers Cryptographers!

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