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Cryptocurrency Auto Faucet by DutchyCorp

By Smiley314 | Cryptocurrency and ICOs | 30 Apr 2021

Here I am again. I’ve been working on finding quick ways to generate different cryptocurrencies. I happened to stumble upon a post somewhere in my search for quick acquisition of Bitcoin and found this site. It’s called Final Autoclaim. For whatever reason, I happened to follow the link that was posted by a solitary user in a forum. I knew nothing of this website other than the snippet of explanation from this user in particular. So, I took a leap and off I went from the forum using the website address . Now, I’m not one for schilling out crypto in the hopes of gaining more, so I was skeptical. However, there was no transaction needed. All I needed was to verify captchas, create a profile and I was set up. From there, I gained access to a kind of glitchy feeling faucet of sorts but not like anything that I have come in contact with. This was different. The website claimed to be an autofaucet. This is something everyone looks for, steady passive income. Well, not quite. Each coin or token that they offer is granted in very small fractions of a whole coin, which is typical of faucet sites. This site however gives access to up to 48 different coins per payout at one time. In order to utilize the autofaucet you have to first gain a bit of their house coin. I will admit this task is brain numbing but is simply done by using the PTC ads viewer. In short, watch a few videos, click a few ads, or take some short surveys and you’ll gain what they call DUTCHY. Once you have gained a few DUTCHY you can pick what coins you would like to begin earning. You will need to add the associated coin wallet addresses in the settings. This site works with CoinBase, and all of the different coins respective blockchains. As I stated prior, they offer 48 different coins. When you choose a coin you will have to decide how and when you want a payout and the multiplier. Each one of these settings requires a certain amount of DUTCHY thus driving the circle of life for this faucet. So pick your settings and your off. I chose to start with BTC initially, with a payout every minute (60 seconds), and a 1x multiplier to keep things simple. Then I completed a Captcha (a bit of an ordeal on this site) and pressed Start Autofaucet. One minute later I had earned a fraction of BTC! So they say at least. Again, I’m a skeptic, so I took the bait and went down the rabbit hole. After a few short sessions I started to understand more of the inner functions of the website and began to accrue quite a few bits of crypto and quite the variety as well. Still a nonbeliever I wanted to cash out. Now this is a bit of an issue with some sites I’ve accessed. Typically there is a huge amount of whatever coin needed for a minimum before you can withdraw. However, I chose one in my balance that said I had acquired enough and started the withdrawal process to CoinBase. To my surprise it worked! I was a bit taken back by the fact that such a quirky site would actually payout! But it did. I have since gained quite a few coins from this faucet but I will say it’s a bit time consuming as well. When the faucet is running it’s just a set it and forget it deal. Gaining DUTCHY is annoying but worth the end payout! On that note, thanks for reading and supporting me and my ventures as always! If you want to try the faucet I’ll leave my stupid referral link    In the resources below. Thanks again and I’ll be working on posting more frequently in the future!

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