Benchmark Protocol (MARK) has an awesome new explainer video!

The DeFi space needs a collateral utility that retains its efficacy and increases inherent baseline liquidity during periods of high volatility.

The Benchmark Protocol is an Uncorrelated, Liquid, VIX-denominated Collateral Utility. The protocol is a rules-based, supply-elastic collateral utility that adjusts supply based on volatility indexes (VIX) and deviations from the target metric — equal to 1 Special Drawing Rights (SDR) unit.

Employing the SDR creates a larger use case rather than exposure to just one currency; this creates a larger user base and delineated exposure to markets around the world.

The Benchmark Marketplace is built on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Harmony blockchain. The MARK token is the native asset in the Benchmark network and provides only the utility value available to it through the Benchmark network.

Check out their awesome new explainer video here:

Learn more by visiting the project website:



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Cryptocurrency and CBD (Cannabidiol)

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