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Fantastic Project Socios, its Token is Chiliz (CHZ) and Fan Tokens - A Short Analysis

Fantastic project Socios, its token is CHILIZ and Fan Tokens

Socios is a platform where fans participate it. On this platform, fans of important teams can interact with their teams and win prizes. Fans must hold fan tokens to participate in voting, sweepstakes and win gifts. These fan tokens are like below:


Apart from these teams, new football teams and different sports branches will be added to the platform. This platform, where big teams and football and other sports branches coexist, is doing an amazing job. In the future, we will surely hear the word Socios in the agreements of major sponsors with football clubs.

After this preliminary entry, let's explain the details of Chiliz and fan tokens. First of all, definitely download Socios's mobile app below. You can even complete your registration on chiliz's exchange. Despite the fact that Socios has just entered, it is in the top 8 according to the 24 hour users. This is a great success.

Socios App:

Chiliz Exchange:


After entering the Socios application, absolutely complete your authentication and address verification processes. Otherwise, you can not buy or sell CHZ and fan tokens. In short, you cannot benefit from the application of this beautiful project. There is also a token hunting part in the application (look below). In December 2019, we were able to win 1 JUVE token and 10 Chiliz every day. Now, we can hunt just 8 SSU on % 99 or 8 CHZ on % 1 possibility.

Hunting fan tokens


Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of chiliz, is an active social media user and constantly transmits live news about the project developments. Be sure to follow him on twitter:

What is Chiliz?

Chiliz is the leading blockchain-based sports & entertainment tokenization platform. Chiliz is the token of the Socios platform and is used for the sale of all fan tokens. The CHZ token is currently available across two blockchains in BEP-2 & ERC20 variations and its total supply is 8,888,888. Other information about it is etherscan website:

Fan Token Features?

Fan token supply

CHZ And Fan Tokens Prize Analysis

First of all, I want to start from Chiliz. Chiliz is traded in many exchanges. Some of these are those: Binance, Kucoin, CoinEx, HitBTC, Paribu, Upbit. If you do not have a membership in these exchanges, you can complete your membership by pressing the names of the exchanges. Chiliz continues to grow steadily since it first entered the market. According to the market cap ranking, it is in the top 100. You can look at this below widget. 

Although Chiliz has grown steadily up to now, this rise may soon result in a correction, according to the daily chart. Stock RSI is in overbought area and TD Sequential has counted over 9. Moreover, price is very close top of bollinger band. Maybe it will be a little bit rise but eventually direction is down. The most important support in decline is 109-110 satoshi. 

Day Chart

Chiliz price chart

As for JUVE token. This fan token was sold for 2 euros during the token supply, and its price was 7.22 euros in just 1.5 months. When considering the supply of 20 million tokens, we can imagine the much more price than today. JUVE price price at the time of writing is 670 CHZ and I think this price will be 1000 CHZ in the near future. Definitely not investment advice. These are my own personal thoughts. 

24-hours Chart

JUVE Fan token price

Finally, let's take a look at the GS token. This fan token was sold for 1.32 euros (between 135-145 CHZ) during the token supply, and its price was 4.8 euros in just 2 days. Woow As if I am hearing what you say that this is an unbelievable stuff. This is not fake It is real. The reason why fans tokens get so much attention is that there are official football clubs behind it. That's why fanatics who know about this project buy tokens.

15-minutes Chart

GS Fan token price


What will be the future developments and innovations?

1- Launch of the FC Barcelona Fan Token Offering to take place on Socios App before the end of June.

2- In Q2, it will being continued to build community features with the addition of in-app games and challenges, as well as adding collectibles too.

3- It will be also launched a web version of during Q2 2020.

4- New team sponsorships will be announced.

These are really exciting developments. Keep tuned to Socios.

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