Cryptocurrency Up and Down, 10-11 November 2020

Cryptocurrency Up and Down, 10-11 November 2020

Welcome to a new article of my blog about the world of cryptocurrencies.

Today we will combine 2-day quotes, because in this period there have not been big changes in the value of the main currencies.




Bitcoin rises, $ 15,600, after a few days of stability, the king of cryptocurrencies returns to make investors dream.




Great time for the Ethereum, with a weekly increase of 20%, which reaches $ 460 in value, and does not seem destined to stop for long.

If you are a lover of online games that allow you to earn cryptocurrencies, this is the currency to bet on.




Also in this article I will introduce a new currency, Bitcoin Cash, "Spin Off" of the Bitcoin created in 2017, which slowly reached the value of over $  250 , and also this week  grows of almost 10%

For today we say goodbye , I will continue to describethe world of cryptocurrencies and soon I will open a new blog on the world of Crypto games.

See you later!

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Cryptocurrenciy Up and Down
Cryptocurrenciy Up and Down

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