Cryptocurrencies Up And Down, 6 November 2020

Cryptocurrencies Up And Down, 6 November 2020

Hi guys, in these articles we will monitor the trend of the main Cryptocurrencies day by day, to understand the functioning of the market and observe together this complex and amazing world.




His majesty, Bitcoin, has reached a value of more than 15,000 dollars, and increases its value by about 5% daily, even higher in proportion to the 16% recorded overall in the last 7 days.

A growth that seems destined not to stop never, making investors dream, but for those with long memories it could break at any moment.




Same goes for Ethereum, the real silver medal in the world of "Cryptocurrencies".

When it reached $ 400, it seemed to have hit its limit, but now it is one step away from $ 450, with a daily increase of close to 10%, a sign that the advance is not going to stop anytime soon.




Third step of the podium for Litecoin, another historical currency, which has never reached the milestones of its illustrious predecessor (bit) but which has now reached $ 62 and is growing in value every day.




Let's analyze only 1 other currency for today, while in the next few days we will present others.

Tron, particularly appreciated in the world of gamers and therefore likely to increase in value when the "Crypto Games" welcome a larger audience.

The valuation of this coin is still low, around 2 cents, but it records interesting increases on a daily basis and will certainly be bought more and more in the future.

That's all for today, but our journey into the world of Cryptocurrencies has just begun!







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Cryptocurrenciy Up and Down
Cryptocurrenciy Up and Down

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