Trading with Bityard. My short experience of Bityard.
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Trading with Bityard. My short experience of Bityard.

Hi! Here is a text written to telll french people about Bityard exchange. 
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Hello to you reading !

There is a contest to make Bityard known! And it's not a shame! I'm pretty glad I didn't miss this great platform.



Now I'm going to tell you a little bit about Bityard, which I find crazy! I don't know how to tell you... The more I'm there, the better I feel! And actually there is a lot to say about it!


So here I am a cook, a singer, and we were hoping to perform this year with my amateur band from the south west of France, but the health crisis has slowed down my activities. But the health crisis has slowed down my activities, so I'll write!

If business sometimes goes wrong, the blockchain is running at full speed and it never stops innovating.

I'm excited to write about everything I see possible and positive that can be achieved with blockchain technology and decentralized finance. I start as a hodler of bitcoin and a few alts with a rather small amount of money, decentralized, so!

I discover Bityard, and its simplicity attracts me. A geek at heart, I took pleasure in undermining some satoshis and other alts dust, which are used to reduce some costs in a playful way. Looks like a rabbit is ready to emerge from this exchange like a magician's hat! What led me to write this article is precisely the fun. How to make learning effective? Make it fun, happy, funny.
The bridge between video games, which are one of my hobbies, and the world of DeFi and NFT, was made as soon as a contest was published on publish0x, intended to promote the Bityard platform. I didn't expect to see the sequel! You receive USDT very quickly after you have registered. It goes very fast, it's beautiful, it's fluid. There are also raw materials available for purchase.

I could write pages about the benefits of trading.
Personally, I am not a trader. I appreciate what cryptomoney can bring to a part of human trade. And honestly, I wouldn't be unhappy with a tracing to the moon of my nest egg!

Even in times when I've seen some investments double in value, I haven't sold.
Having just celebrated a year of owning cryptos, I will probably change my posture when in March comes the anniversary date when I increased my bag, following the health crisis.
I'm barely talking about a few hundred euros, and even if that's quite understandable, it quickly became hectic. And very instructive, to realize that I let myself be driven by emotions and then to have projected them onto the market. And losing a part of your investment. I acted cautiously in each of my actions, selling only a very small part of the total pool, to measure the results, quickly realizing that my forecasts were immature, in a market that I had barely followed for a year. Beyond that, it was the whole mechanics of the market that I was discovering, little by little, while learning about the dynamics of cryptomoney. So I plan to have a year of real experience, to see the market evolve, closed in March, before modifying my strategy. Although I'm already itching! But I stick to the plan.

Register and Claim your welcome bonus!
And so I'm preparing my reconversion in trading! For March!
I'm kidding of course, how can I give up my passions? Music is a vocation, trading is a small pleasure. But its potential for enrichment is great. Some things are made for some people, but a trader can listen to music and not make any, the same way he cooks, eats, making some investments is open to everyone. But where Bityard is magical is that he will eventually offer copy trading, which will copy the portfolios of the best performing investors and their strategies.

Another particularly interesting point in the Bityard project is the implementation of a social network, in order to put traders and investors in touch with each other, to exchange on their positions and facilitate the experience of the whole community. Because indeed, when a problem arises, a sharp or superficial question needs to be asked, it is on the social networks that they will be asked. Hence the idea of bringing these two elements together on the same platform.

From my little experience, I see a very big potential in this idea. It's always enriching to discover the questions that people ask themselves and how they intervene to deepen the mastery of my portfolio.

Bityard could, without surprise, accomplish a master's trick, as the field in front of him is so vast.

There is no French version of Bityard yet, but 9 languages are on the program. And as Bityard's reputation grows, more will be available.

It is highly likely that when a French version of Bityard appears, it will have matured. The very young platform, which appeared in 2019, is very competitive. I see the price of BTC below other known exchanges that I use. I use it as a reference now. Its system is fluid, and is not congested during peaks of activity.

So a very good discovery so far, full of promises, and I know that the fresher the information is, the more useful it is!

New on the platform, I take this opportunity to thank Publish0x for its generous work in favor of cryptos, NonFungibleTokens technology, and pay tribute to this new way to promote art. Thanks also to Bityard and Twitter for encouraging a new form of financial management.

A wise man is worth two, I wish you above all joy, lucidity, benevolence in your business and may it be fruitful! Invest only to a reasonable extent what you are capable of losing. Of course, I do not provide investment advice.
A large number of recommendations apply to currency exchange. Please consult them.
I invite you to learn more about Bityard from the many articles available on the internet.

Thank you for your attention!


Xip ;)) !


To register on BitYard Exchange follow this link :

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Cryptocurrencies, trading, Bityard.. In French !
Cryptocurrencies, trading, Bityard.. In French !

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