UnitedCrowd: Your transparent, secure and compliant (AAS) Asset-Tokenization-as a Service for your digital corporate fundings with the blockchain and cryptocurrency for the benefit of businesses and mankind.




Good morning everyone! How is everyone? I hope everyone's all good at this time. I know there is a lot of what is happening in the world right now and we are no exceptions. That is a normal reaction but we always strive to what is best for our nation and our fellow countrymen and not only in our country but with all other nations and countries. We are one in this world and we should help one another. That is why I would like to present to you another exciting project named UnitedCrowd.

I saw them in our forum again and what made me excited about this is that they are offering Asset Tokenization as a service or AAS. Because of crypto and blockchain-based projects, all developers and business owners are able to fund-raise with the use of blockchain. But some of them are not that having integrity when it comes to the funds of the investors. Other people are scamming other people and others are not complying with the end of the deal for the investors and vice versa.

Here is where UnitedCrowd is going into action. They are the one that will bridge you from just being a business owner to a fundraiser in the crypto space and have more supporters in your business. While as an investor, you could be crypto crowdfunded to projects around the globe wherein you see fit for your money and be able to get equity or tokenized assets or utility tokens to your chosen project around the world. This is the wonder of blockchain. If before, you cannot find any investors to get your project funded, or if you are an investor and wanted to have a different investing approach before, now, both of you will be able to meet digitally and grow business and money together!


Features, capabilities, and scope of UnitedCrowd Token(UCT)

1. Financing platform


---> As the AAS means, or asset tokenization as a service, the Unitedcrowd team, and company as well as the community will be the ones to assess different projects for crowdfunding and if it custom-fit to the investors, then there will be the backend and front-end solutions for more precise public relationship and for campaigns as well and to pitch the clients' tastes when it comes to asking for fundraising for the project. No need to loan from banks!

2. UnitedCrowd as Legalities compliant company


---> As their website is saying, they are from Germany. A first-world/developed country already. They are strict in measuring each company is abiding by the laws of the German government so just you know that UnitedCrowd is a serious business and crypto-related entity when it comes to fundraising events. You will be sure that funds will be safe.

3. Not just a platform for fundraising but also your partner for growth


---> Other websites that are hosting clients for their fundraising whether it is fiat or crypto just hosts them for a certain while and then after that, no more records of your fund-raising project in there. That is not the case for the UnitedCrowd platform. Once they partnered with you, you will be like a part of the pioneer financing projects for the Unitedcrowd and be able to get all the resources you have such as support and marketing and other stuff needed for your business project to succeed and also beneficial for other investors.

4. Investor community and community of crowdfunders


---> The more you get into the client-side of the UnitedCrowd network, the more it is you are acquiring different connections in terms of investments and investors from UnitedCrowd around the world. You can have support from community members as well after giving you the support because they are your equity holders already with the tokenized assets!


Features of UnitedCrowd platform

A. Managing online campaigns around the world with your browser!

---> Whether you are an investor or a business wanting to see opportunities lying around, you can with their web-based platform that is secured and compliant with the rules and regulations of the German government.

B. Smart Contracts execution

---> When investing, or giving out tokenized assets and utility tokens to the investors, there could always be human error that could happen in distribution. Worry no more because, with the UnitedCrowd's AAS, they do have expert blockchain developers who already coded the transactions so that when distribution time comes, whatever you as an investor invests in them will get the equivalent token for a certain price whether it be pre-sale price or public sale price, etc.

C. Document and liaison management

---> UnitedCrowd will be your assistant in terms of the document and arranging for legal entitlement and other range of products so that the marketing will go smooth and gives you the capability to focus more on your products and other things pertaining to your project to be listed on United Crowd.

D. Individualizable layout
---> When we say Individualized layout, the UnitedCrowd team will tailor-fit based on your logos and marketing materials so that people can easily identify what are the strong points of the project and give you more customized designs for your company needs and services for the project. They are also giving out the statistics draw board for you to check how many are your leads and investors pooling into your project.

E. Secured and professional hosting service for your project

---> When it comes to having to host a domain for your servicing platform for your customers, it is important that the host and the domain are secured against attackers and other forms of DDOS attack or leaking of important data of both the investors and clients. That is why the UnitedCrowd team has all the safeguards in place to ensure no one other than the client and investor can see the data that is confidential just for them and only for them entirely. No exceptions.

F. Secured transactions and sales of the tokenized assets and utility tokens to investors

---> As I have said in the 2nd feature of the UnitedCrowd platform, with the smart contract execution, all of the tokens that needs to be sent to the investor will be sent to them because there is an escrow for the transactions and it is publicly viewable via the blockchain. Aside from that, you will be sure that KYC and AML of investors will be checked so that only qualified investors wherein blockchain and cryptocurrencies allowed can only participate in the sale. Therefore, more people can enjoy the benefit and security with peace of mind.


UnitedCrowd Use-Cases explained

A. Equity Token


---> When we say equity token, you own a pie of the entire network of the project you are investing in. Whether the price goes up or down, your share of the entire network remains the same unless you buy more or sell more. As the name suggests, just like in the stock market, the UnitedCrowd crowdfunding capability gives the token its unique capability of voting and governance since you are a shareholder of the token's network. You are the one who could vote or propose to the protocol in the business that is tokenized where you are into.

B. Debt Token


---> When we say Debt token, these are like bonds and lending tokens wherein after quite some time, these tokens can be burned and you will get your investment plus the interest from the business whom you lend the money to.

C. Asset Token


---> The asset token is where all liquid or illiquid assets can be tokenized and be given to the community wherein the ones who owns it. It could be an NFT or other representation of the assets involved whether it be an art collection, Real Estate, synthetic assets such as stocks or even gold and silver! Imagination is the limit!

D. Utility Token

---> The most widely used for different types of actions in the token network of your choice. Whether it be for financial, swapping, lending, rewards, payments etc.


Framework of UnitedCrowd




What you could see above is the power of the smart contracts and the executions of different components when it comes to the blockchain layer made by the dev team of UC. It also gives the holders to participate in different activities made by the UC team.

Tokensale launchpad/Tokensale platform

---> In here, you could say that this is the equivalent of crowdfunding for the launch of the sale of the token or project the Unitedcrowd is incubating. Of course, they have done all the research and all other due diligence when it comes to the token sales and the owners of the projects they are hosting because of course, only the best is what United crowd for their community.

Multi-cryptocurrency wallet

---> In these times, a multi-currency wallet is necessary for you to have a variety of choices when it comes to buying assets and storing them. For sure, after the token sale platform's for the launchpad in UnitedCrowd, it will also be listed in the multi-wallet of UC. Let me tell you also that it is the non-custodial type of wallet. Meaning, you are in control of your private keys! Your keys your money!














To summarize, this platform is a giant that is about to get unleashed this year. Be part of it as early as now. For sure, German technology will be the next big thing when it comes to crypto. The product of UnitedCrowd speaks for itself. When it comes to tokenization, they are the experts. For more information, you may check their website and social media channels below! Thank you for reading this post again guys and more power to UnitedCrowd team and the community!








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