Strengths and advantages that makes Orion Protocol one of the best projects in the cryptocurrency space

Good morning lads, and Crypto fam! Here I am again about to discuss another update and why I am always excited about my favorite project when it comes to trading and liquidity giant which is Orion Protocol project.


To those who are new to crypto and those who are already veteran traders and investors, let me tell and show you how Orion Protocol can make our trading more seamless and easier than hopping centralized and decentralized exchanges and so on and so forth. Aside from that, it gives you the opportunity wherein you don't need to think too much about gas fees when swapping tokens. Not just that. They are about to launch different products for the community wherein different projects can integrate and also use the technology made by the Orion Protocol.

The different DEFI solutions of Orion Protocol and its use-cases for the community

1. Orion Terminal

---> This is one of the flagships of the Orion protocol team wherein you can interact with different blockchains and be able to trade all at once because the liquidity here is being aggregated. Let me tell you that this is not just an ordinary aggregation/aggregator of liquidity such as Uniswap or 1inch. Those two are limited to ERC-20 tokens only. With Orion terminal, it is aggregating the decentralized and centralized exchanges liquidity real-time so you won't need to exchange hopping anymore! Therefore, it minimizes your gas fees because once in the terminal, you can trade what you have in there quickly and instantly with no slippage because the asset pool is bottomless!

They are not limited to just ERC-20 tokens but to different blockchains! Integrations in place in their roadmap can be seen here:


Go here to check it:

2. NFT aggregation

---> With the explosion of different NFTs today wherein you can earn and buy and sell or trade it with other cryptos, It is important that the one that you are dealing with like websites is legit. Well, lucky for you, with the aggregation of Orion and its partners, you can really see that the legit projects have minted their own NFTs and the official NFTs are in circulation and can be bought via the Orion NFT aggregator terminal as well.
Another beauty of it is that there is always a price oracle wherein the fair market value is always within there. So you won't get any overpriced NFTs in the market if you're a buyer and you won't get an underpriced NFT if you are trying to sell. All will be in fair market value! Check it here:

3. Orion Liquidity boost plugin

---> To summarize, this is the one wherein you as an integrator of Orion protocol, can enjoy the limitless and bottomless cross-chained liquidity for your exchange if you are setting up one of your own exchange. Aside from that, what Orion can give you is unmatched best routing of swaps so that your clients can get the right amount of tokens for each swap that they deserve truly! Check their LBP here:

Here is a screenshot wherein the routing and flowcharts about Orion Liquidity boost plugin can be seen. I know it is complex but they managed to make it easy for users!


4. Blockchain DEX kit

---> This is what I liked about Orion, they are not selfish with their tech. That is why with this DEX kit, it is like a plug and play and building blocks wherein you can assemble your own DEX with their pre-made dex kit! All liquidity is still in there, plus wallet integrations and cross-chained liquidity will always be in there and more for the traders and investors alike!

5. Orion Enterprise Trade Widget

---> I know most are not inclined when it comes to crypto. That's why Orion still wanted to serve those non-blockchain clients by having the widgets wherein the companies or individuals can install or integrate the widget of Orion Protocol to be one of their payment gateways. Giving us the power to enable on and off-ramp fiat to crypto and vice versa. For sure, in the near future, they will also be curious with crypto as well with other enthusiasts in the industry.


6. Orion Launchpad Liquidity

---> I know most of you are also participating in launchpads tokens and the projects that they do launch for fundraising. The problem with most of these launchpads is that after it is launched, what will going to happen with the tokens where the funds are raised? Without the liquidity bootstrapped into it, it is hard to trade in the open finance market. That is what Orion is solving. With liquidity, you can make the flow of assets easy and make the price appreciation easy for the fund-raised tokens. With more community trading the tokens, we can have other traders participate as well resulting to boosting the confidence of the investors.

Here is the link to the launchpad liquidity if in case you are a launchpad project that needs liquidity.

7. Orion Developer Kit

---> If you are a Solidity developer or any other blockchain developer wherein you think Orion will give you a boost, then you are in good hands because the Orion team has also developer kit wherein the APIs and widgets are readily integrated. You can make arbitrage bots since the liquidity on Orion is already aggregated, You can also make the investment apps because with this type of aggregation, you won't get embarrassed in front of your investors because the liquidity is bottomless as it is coming from centralized and decentralized exchanges and swap pools.

If you are also trying to make social trading platforms, it is the best to integrate the liquidity of Orion Protocol and make the tools to its upmost efficiency!

The BotOcean and BONSAI are a few of the Dapps being developed in the Orion ecosystem and the option to participate in their sales is to hold $ORN token!



---> All right guys, now, let me talk about the current news and events that is happening with the Orion Protocol that you will surely wanna participate!

Orion protocol's Roadmap


Let us talk about what is "NEW" with the roadmap of Orion.

A. Volume increase = Trading volume of fees for stakers will increase

--> As you can see in the increasing volume above, the increase of volume will surely benefit the holders of ORN tokens and those who are also staking and providing liquidity for ORN tokens. With the launchpad liquidity, dex enhancement and LBP, this will surely boost the trading volume.

B. USDo stable coin

---> When it comes to DEFI, if you are staking something, sometimes you wanted to utilize parts of it for more investment opportunities. That is where the USDo or USD-Orion backed stable coin comes into play. Wherein those who are staking Orion tokens can be able to mint the USDo and do whatever they like with it. Just so they know that there will be a ratio always about the USDo wherein if the Orion price increases, they can have more USDo and vice-versa.

C. Integrating different blockchains

---> In the roadmap above, most of the blockchains are already integrated with Orion. While the remaining will be integrated before this year-end. The infrastructure is improving as time goes by. With more developers as well developing the front and back-end, they will sure hit all milestones and beyond!

D. Main net staking

---> This is where we are mostly focused as an ORN maximalist! I do staking here because aside from what I am getting, I am also making the DEFI easier to navigate and a safer place! With sustainability and audited contracts, you will be sure this will be for the long term guys!

This is the current APR for the pools. I would like to let you know that soon, 3rd party projects can self-list their pools to the Orion pools!


You can also see the staking calculator here for projection once we surpass Sushi, 1inch and UNI!

E. Margin trading and lending

---> This is what excites me as well. Because if you are a staker, you will want to have more volumes of trades to have more rewards. That is what Margin trading can give. Because with this amplified margin trades, people will have more volumes and profit as to compared to non-margin trades. Aside from that, the lending will surely make the trades explode as well in the Orion Protocol network.

Always know that when you are connecting with the Orion platform, wherever or whenever you are located, they won't ask for KYC and the connection is always non-custodial. Once you interact with them, you are always safe because you are trading with your own funds and you keep the funds non-custodially in your own wallet!

You may want to check other blog posts from official Orion blog here!:

Thank you so much guys for dropping by in my new post here about @Orionprotocol $ORN #ORN the best!

For more information, you may check their website and social media channels below.






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