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Good morning to all of us here on the crypto space and to my fellow traders and readers! Today, I would like to talk about one of the most promising crypto projects I have seen ever since last year. And that is Injective Protocol! If you wanted to also take a look at my past articles regarding Injective, you may check them out here!

First of all, what does it mean when the Injective $INJ rebranded? As of what I have understood about it, the new logo signifies the compatibility and efficiency of using the Injective protocol because it is EVM-compliant and can also run on cross-chained environment which is already a pioneer in their craft!

When it comes to trading markets, it is important nowadays that people can trade from the comfort of their own laptop and trade non-custodially. Which is one of the power of the new Injective!

Now, let me also talk about what happened alongside this rebranding and what does it mean for the future of financial innovation with the Cosmos-powered Injective and its cross-chained trading that is decentralized.

Timeline of the new Injective

1. Injective Protocol gets listed on Orion Terminal


---> To all those who are just heard and seen it here the Orion terminal, it is the trading terminal of the Orion Protocol. Wherein you can trade non-custodially and with no slippage different assets on the different cross-chained assets and with no slippage as well! That's when the Injective token got listed to their terminal as well! So that what you always get in INJ tokens will be the best price because the liquidity and order books are all integrated and aggregated into the platform that Orion team built.

2. Crypto learning summer challenge

---> This is the best with the Injective ecosystem, they do not only wanted to get focused with themselves. But also, they are making others be able to learn the different aspects of the blockchain and the benefits that you could get by interacting within it. Hooray for the prizes!

3. INJ's Twitter summer campaign

---> This is the campaign wherein 2k USDT in prizes has been given to those winners. Expanding the exposure of Injective on the different traders and investors in the crypto space.

4. Injective Stargazers ambassador program

---> This is what excites me again. Because this will be the ambassadorship program of Injective team! This is where you can participate and contribute to the Injective's vision and mission by making dapps, creating articles, doing social media tasks and many more! Aside from that, we can be able to get more learnings when it comes to crypto and Tendermint as to how it works and how it is different in execution with different trading strategies of traders and how it can make our trades cross-chained.

5. The Injective hub reveal

---> This is where all that you need for staking, delegation, governance and FAQs about INJ earnings can be here! Real-time, I also see the blocks being validated by our different validators and it is quite amusing to see because blockchain is real! As nodes are processing the different transactions, people get INJ as well for staking!


By the way, they also got the light and dark mode for the Injective community traders to be toggled!


Reasons why INJECTIVE is one of my major tokens in my portfolio

  1. The peggy bridge---> What is this bridge you may ask, this bridge is a decentralized bridge wherein people can send their digital crypto assets to Injective platform and take note, the validators are the nodes that is also staking INJ so they ensure to be the bridge will be safe and decentralized. Making it once your assets are in the INJ platform, trades and other actions won't be needing any miner's fee and gas fees.

  2. Trading synthetic assets, perpetuals and futures----> We can have synthetic stocks here, perpetuals that has options in trading and futures wherein you can have margins as well. It is an exciting world of trading in the Injective platform guys I am telling you!

  3. Trading and swapping aren't full of fees---> Because the INJ is running on decentralized validators and has Cosmos based PoS solutions, with tendermint, no more gas wars guys. And because no more miners fees here in the Injective protocol, the front-running is also non-existent because there will be no miner's fees in the ecosystem of INJ. Hooray!

  4. Inter-blockchain compatibility---> Also known as cross-chained transaction compatibility, there will be decentralized bridges that you can make on the Injective ecosystem. Looking at the bigger picture, lending, savings, borrowing, insurance issuance and other inter-operability of the different blockchain behaviors and its coding compatibility with INJ. Truly amazing and innovative!

  5. Decentralized INJECTIVE governance---> The INJ token acts as the native token of the Injective protocol. This token is the real deal for staking, validating, participating in becoming a node and having the governance votes for the protocol. How to move forward with proposals and getting proposals will be used using this token!

Overall, the security and borderless trading makes Injective protocol what it is to be in this present and its future is bright for sure! If you'd like to learn more about Injective, check out their social media channels and their pages below. Keep it powerful Injective team!


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