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Today, I am going to discuss updates with my Favorite L2 decentralized exchange not just to swap ERC-20 tokens but also for cross-chained assets as well! This is about Injective Protocol's June 2021 Update for the community. Let me tell you 3 of my favorites that has happened this last June.

First up is the integrations and the partnerships of Injective Protocol with Near Protocol. Then they have integrated with MDEX, STACKS, and Formation Fi for a wider range of services and products to the community by expanding on how you interact with these protocols and scale more for more people to be able top adopt the technology.


If you haven't heard NEAR protocol, it is the name of the project wherein it is a Dapp that can design web 3.0 apps on the web. It is said that it is a developer-friendly platform because of its ease of usage with the Ethereum network as it is implementing the AURORA infrastructure that is native to NEAR protocol. Maybe you would ask me, what is AURORA? It is the part of NEAR that facilitates the smart contracts being deployed within it. So how it benefits $INJ?

Well, the AURORA has:

AURORA engine: Which can deploy Solidity based smart contracts and Vyper smart contracts into and from both NEAR and ETH chain and that includes INJ as well.

AURORA bridge: I know you already heard of the bridges when you are transferring tokens from the Binance smart chain, going to BEP-2 or BEP-20 to ERC-20. In the AURORA bridge, you can also be able to bridge assets between blockchains of Near and Ethereum blockchains without so much steps and gas fees. The Aurora make it work quite easily because of the diagram below:


With the ones in the diagram above and its steps, we can do have trading pairs such as NEAR/ERC-20 token that we know that is running in the Ethermint of Injective protocol as ERC-20 token because there will also be wrapped NEAR token acting as a token bridge and asset that backs up the transaction. What I also liked in here is that aside from having more scalability for growth is that the integrations make more friendships and you will also allow yourself to interact with the different protocols that has real-life applications such as trading different asset classes.


2. Equinox Epic Tasks

---> If you have been staking your Injective tokens in the Equinox staking, you could have gain some boosts in terms of APY in the Injective tokens. Now that you could have been able to get some of the APY, you can still ask some of your friends to do it because it is still active until phase 3 of the mainnet of Injective Protocol. I do myself is already staking my INJ and it is delegated with one of the most known validators of Injective which is
You can stake your INJ here:


3. Injective Protocol's DEFI community development

---> They recently got into Bitcoin Miami event wherein different crypto enthusiasts, traders, developers and investors come into one place to talk different developments when it comes to DEFI, decentralization, anonymity and strategies when it comes to the fulfillment of the different missions in spreading the good news of decentralization and finest minds in the crypto space.

Aside from that, the CEO of Injective Protocol Eric Chen is got widely known because he is being interviewed by Fung Bros in their Youtube channel. You may check their interview and their humble beginnings here along with Albert Chon.



This is how the critical mass of Injective Protocol will begin. The revolution begins as well. Here are some of the announcement and channels where they keep updating their community developments.

Telegram announcements:

What excites me is the collaboration as well of Superfarm and Injective which you can see here. I know that there will be more like this of the same partnership by Injective to have NFT drops to those who stake INJ tokens.

You can check that here:

That's it for today guys, I hope you enjoy the updates of being an Injective astronaut! Keep buying INJ tokens because I know that there will be more surprises to those who will be staying in the Injective ecosystem and trading via Ethermint and COSMOS, ETH and Near blockchains integrations.

If you have more questions and need more details to see, go ahead and check their website below, as well as their documentation and social media channels.


White paper:

Medium blog:







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