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Youtube, Censorship and Blockchain: They say it was a mistake and began to restore channels that had closed and their videos.

By pedrobrito2004 | Cryptocurrencies_PB | 31 Dec 2019




Introducing the problem

Very recently I had written an article to share my point of view regarding the YouTube action of closing channels and deleting videos of youtubers dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrency issues, alleging violation of terms and acting as if cryptoeconomics were a kind of crime, take out both a Spanish and English version to share it with as many people:

In addition to that I also created an additional version in English that I shared in my blog on Publish0x: Cryptocurrencies, Lies and Videos: Censorship in online video services Vs Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies





The situation has changed

I must say that in this world I did not trust anything that "is written in stone" while things change so much at every moment that it is difficult for me to accept invariable rules or decisions over time, especially when a decision that is made causes so much rejection and a stir that threatens those who made the decisions.

To a certain extent, I am glad that the possibility of correcting errors and trying to resume a path that allows coexistence and profit is always open. This whole preamble is to point out that YouTube has backed down and declares that the removal of the videos and the suspension of the channels was motivated to an error and that they are working for their restitution and putting them online in a short time.

When I read this news in the CryptoWorldNews post titled YouTube Admits Mistake, Responding & Actively Taking Action ‘Reinstating Everyone, Too Bad”, I found a mixture of ideas that burned my head for a while, some that are not as serious as I would like, such as the feeling of remembering an old phrase of a movie that a young relative made me see with her years ago when I was a child: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Specifically, the scene in which Aslan explains: "If a voluntary victim is executed instead of a traitor, the stone table will be broken, and perhaps the same death in reverse."





Here, it was YouTube's turn to play the role of the White Witch and see how her actions turned against herself. But even with this, it did not make me feel comfortable that they excused everything by saying that it was a mistake, then, by putting it in the context that other online video service platforms have also been vetoing or eliminating content related to blockchain technology, the cryptocurrencies, DeFi and cryptoeconomics ... well, it seems to me that it is an excuse that I cannot easily believe, although I may be a little paranoid and see conspiracies in things that can be the product of stupidity or carelessness .

What's coming now?

Even if it was true that it was an error on YouTube, it has already left an unpleasant precedent that can be considered as a Sword of Damocles on the heads of youtubers of these issues, that is never something comfortable. In general when we enroll in a social network of a centralized company, we accept in the conditions of use and in the daily reality that the company has the power to erase us at any time and that in extreme cases the contents we generate can give them more profits to the company that owns the service than to the creators of that content. But, even so, there were enough people who had some illusion or fantasy of Freedom of Communication and Freedom of Expression on online video platforms ... This suspension of accounts and the veto of content meant a bell to wake up and accept that Things are not what they look like in their fantasies.

The recommended option is to transfer content to decentralized platforms and blockchain technology, as is the case with D.Tube, that even with the things you need to improve, it turns out to be much more reliable for content storage. Or at least that's what a couple of colleagues have told me so far.




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