Tron Vs Tron: A trademark problem?
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Tron Vs Tron: A trademark problem?

By pedrobrito2004 | Cryptocurrencies_PB | 25 Dec 2019

Recently I published in my blog a post about a story that caught my attention (You can read my original post here), it was an alleged dispute between two companies over the use of a trademark name. On the one hand there was an entertainment company that used that brand for a film from the 80s of the 20th century, also for a sequel already in the 21st century, and on the other a company that aims to create an ecosystem of elaborate applications for the blockchain


I was reviewing a news from CryptoWorldNews about a dispute between the entertainment giant Disney and the cryptocurrency company Tron regarding the registration and use of the brand.



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Just to have the information fresh, #TRON has had several questions, since there are portions of its "White Paper" that are extremely similar to fragments of the IPFS and Filecoin documents (although it is defended indicating that it was an error of the translators of the original book that was in Chinese), even suspicions of fraud by the accusations of TRX wallet accounts possibly associated with the founder and current CEO of Tron, Justin Sun. All this can be reviewed more extensively in Coinreview


In any case, the blockchain that tron ​​has proposed since its inception is somewhat peculiar, since it aims to achieve a decentralized operating system for free content, in that it reminds me of what is also the goal of EOS for dApps, using in this case distributed storage technology, ERC20 tokens in the Ethereum blockchain and the use of smart contracts within that same blockchain.


Well, returning to the topic of the beginning, what caught my attention was that a reference was made to a restriction on the use of a registered trademark, but in reality that affected a certain class of trademark applications and not Central trademarks that directly relate to your brand. Remember that the brand name registration is divided according to the commercial activity or field, so although they can have the same names, they will never be found occupying the same niches.


It is a question that aroused my curiosity, but from what I could check, the Disney entertainment company did not register the brand name "Tron" for computer, computer or similar products ... paradoxical question if we consider that since they made the first film Of this name in the 80s, the central theme was computer technology.


So, would all this be a marketing strategy to get attention? I don't really know, but it was, the results don't seem to be good, the TRX token prices have not improved substantially and their numbers in red have been that way for some time now.





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