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TradeSanta is cloud trading software that lets you take advantage of crypto market fluctuations. Connect TradeSanta to your exchange and trade 24/7 without making it a full-time job.

With the purpose of making your work easier, preventing you from spending hours in front of your computer and losing your sleep looking at graphics, TradeSanta does it all for you in a fast and easy way and the best: totally free! In this review I will present and show how the site works.

It is important to make it clear that profits are not 100% guaranteed as the cryptocurrency market is always extremely volatile. Therefore, you need capital management to minimize your risks.

You can register the site clicking here.

connecting your exchange account

In order for the bot to work on your account you need to grant this access through a key API (you cannot withdraw from that API). Tradesanta can trade with the following platforms: HitBTC, Binance, BitFinex and Bittrex and plans to expand this list soon. To illustrate I will connect my tradesanta account to a Binance API.

If you don't have an account on any of these exchanges you can sign up for binance with my invite link by clicking here.


First you enter your binance account click API document and enter a name in your API (for easy identification I recommend you put TradeSanta) and then create it.


After this procedure and the checks that the site requests will be generated a key and a secret key API, it is important to keep the [Enable Trading] options on so that the bot can trade your account and the [Enable Withdraw] option turned off. , even if the bot can see your balance, it is unable to make withdrawals.


After this procedure you must log into your tradesanta account and create a new access point, put your API key and API secret in the requested boxes and your account will be ready for use.

Configuring the BOT

Você pode ver minha própria criação de um bot com o par BTC-ADA ou os vídeos oficiais do tradesanta abaixo:

Long bot


Short Bot


As soon as connecting your account to an exchange will appear the option to create a bot, it will give you three template options so you can configure


The first template means that it will buy at a time and when the price is above the previously purchased price it will sell, getting the profit you can choose on the next screen, the second means that it will sell the desired pair and buy it again when the price is lower getting the desired profit that will be chosen on the next screen. In the customizable option you choose exactly how you want the bot to work.


After this process will be asked the pair that the bot will trade and the system will show you a chart of the asset at the last hour, the dynamics of the last 24 hours that is important to know if the pair that is trading is interesting to make Long or Short bot.


After that you will need to choose how much the bot will win on each trade, the lower the take profit, the less time it takes the bot to reach its goal, so if you don't understand short-term graphical analysis it is not interesting to leave this value above. 1.75% which is a reasonable amount to earn with each trade.

The order volume means how bot will use in each trade, the minimum value for BTC is 0.00012 and varies by currency.


When you finish setting up the bot you will be presented with the option to receive buy / sell notifications on your telegram, which is a valuable option to keep an eye on your assets anywhere.


My experience and tips

After spending a few days using and testing different strategies, I came to conclusions you can share here:

My bot earnings were great in the trial period looking for the best strategies as it works completely free of charge and a great tool to increase your profits.

For excessively high profits, you can use more volatile currency pairs and create a long or short range strategy, likewise, no time this post is being made it is possible to notice very large volatility in the hours to a dogecoin (DOGE) as can be seen from the chart below. This huge fluctuation, with no time interval value, allows the bot to reduce trades faster, reducing its gains in less time.


After signing up on the site (you can do this by clicking here) download the Android or IOS app and create your bot through the app as it allows you to use some strategies that are not available on the site such as the ones shown below :




TradeSanta is a very useful tool for traders that can passively earn you a high long term profit by just having patience and good management. Profits can come slowly and gradually, but remember that it is a free tool that is not greedy, usually it ends traders.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and any questions you can leave in the comments :D

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cryptocurrencies, introduction and analysis

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