Cryptocurrencies for dummies

At first I will be giving a brief review of how to enter the world of cryptocurrencies being a person who has not investigated more than 15 minutes on the internet. I'm already 2 weeks old and I'm going to talk about the progress and how to start.



As always, the most difficult thing is to start doing something, so the first thing to do is say goodbye to laziness and feel like doing something new that will generate income.

You can start with brave browser which is a page that rewards your searches with BAT (Basic Attention Token) to start and see how you are interacting in this wonderful world of cryptocurrencies.



After receiving your first rewards you withdraw them into a wallet in case of brave it is associated with uphold which is a wallet and this allows you to make changes to other types of cryptos that you want.

As I learn more I will go post so that we can grow together. have a happy day


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Cryptocurrencies for dummies.
Cryptocurrencies for dummies.

Cryptocurrencies for dummies

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