My Thoughts on Current Markets-85

On the Dow Jones side, the upward peaks continue to be renewed with some slight corrections. We saw a minor correction on Friday, but we can see that it is still strong. 38300's will be important for us in the coming period as it is the point where both the trailing and Bollinger upper band has reached. This will be my reference level. I can state that as long as it remains above 38300, the movement will continue with the target of 40000. Even if 38300's are broken, a slight downward correction to 37500 can be expected after 38000. Let me also point out that there is no situation indicating this at the moment.

There is a slightly calmer course on the dax side in Germany. Here, it is especially difficult to pass between 17150 - 17200. In fact, I can say that it remains above 17000 with the support of foreign markets and other indices. We can't see any independent bars coming that are stuck to Bollinger. A downward independent bar is coming, but we cannot see upward independent bars coming. Frankly, unless we see this, it will not be possible to talk about a clear rally on the dax side. 17000 is the limit level in the short term, if it is broken, our tracking level is in the 16850s and there is 16750 below it. This region is important and will remain as a correction unless this range is broken, and if this range is broken, we can state that there will be a possibility of the DAX retreating up to 16500. I can say here that as long as 16500 is not broken in the medium term, pullbacks are still seen as buying opportunities.

Gold has been above Bollinger 2080s for a long time and below again Bollinger 1970s. We even specify two ranges: 2000 dollars, 1970, 2040 - 2080. Unless there is a break in the range, I can state that this annoying trend will continue as long as we cannot get closures above or below. When the interest rate cut date begins to become clear on the American side, we may see some more upward movement in gold. It is also worth mentioning that this region is currently trying to get through this process. As long as there are no negative developments and no further postponement of future interest rate cuts, the horizontal movement here will continue. Here I will think that when the interest rate cut date becomes clear, then the upward mobility will start to increase.

There has been serious activity in Brent, especially for the last 2 weeks. It goes to 84 dollars, it constantly violates the Bollinger middle band, and then there is a sell-off again. Now it has reached its resistance around $82. This will be followed this week. If it starts to take closes above $82, there is a possibility of moving towards the $85 - $87 band. But if $82 cannot be exceeded, we will see a downward pressure here again. I can state that we will talk about the possibility of moving towards 78 dollars again towards the 78 - 76 dollar band.

47700s were important in Bitcoin. We exceeded 47900 over the weekend. If these closings continue like this in the coming days, that is, if the closings above 47700 continue, the image here will continue to remain positive. But there is a bit of a critical peak here. If it forms a peak again, I can say that there is a possibility that we will fall to the top of the Bolinger upper band to 45000 dollars again, and the tracer is also passing through this level. After the trailer was broken, the trailer continued its upward movement without closing below. If we turn and close below this trace again, we can think that it is negative, but if it starts to balance here, it is gathering strength towards the peak. Even if it cannot stay above 47700 in these attempts, at least, I can say that it will exceed this level in the next attempts and move towards 50000 - 51000 dollars and 54000 dollars. Let me repeat the negative scenario. If we start to close below 44700 again, we will talk about the transition to a negative scenario here. As long as we do not see this, a positive movement can still be expected on the bitcoin side.

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