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My Thoughts on Current Markets-8

The dollar index rose a lot yesterday. 102.55 level was seen yesterday. When the dollar index rises, we observe increases in favor of the dollar in parities.

The psychological support level in the euro-dollar parity was 1.0850. The level of 1.0937 was seen yesterday. Those who enter from this level can wait for 1.12 and 1.1350, then 1.15.

Ounce gold continues its negative selling outlook. It was at the level of 1930 dollars. This has been broken down. Yesterday, the level of 1922 dollars was seen. We follow the 1918 dollar level. It is possible that there will be a repeat reception from here. Our band range this week is 1930-1960 dollars. Against the 1930 dollar support level, there is the 1960 dollar resistance above. US inflation data will be released on Thursday. When this data is announced, a rapid recovery may be experienced for ounce gold. Because I foresee 3.2% or 3.3% inflation data on the US side.

Silver's price is around $22.75 an ounce, giving great opportunities to buy. I do not anticipate that these declines will be permanent.

A dead market continues on the Bitcoin side. Yesterday, the level of $ 29382 was seen. I observe that the effort to hold above the $ 29000 level continues. At the same time, I continue to follow the $32000 resistance.

My opinions are not investment advice. Please do your own research.


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