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My Thoughts on Current Markets-43

Euro - Dollar parity wants to recover a little, that is, it does not want to fall below the 1.09 level. Especially the investor who transferred his dollars to euros at the 1.04 - 1.05 band made a very good decision. Our target is 1.12 and then 1.15. There is no change in our expectations on the Euro side

Ounce of gold is at 2020 dollar level. It is looking for an excuse to settle above the $2000 level. The important question is, will these resistance levels of 2080 dollars be broken in 2057? I would like to remind you that I find a new name for each month and rename each month. I specifically said that November is not the month of failure and not the month of making money. Since there are areas below for the last time in December, I will look for opportunities to buy again as it will make a final move downwards. That's why I will continue to maintain my buy positions in December. On the ounce gold side, the band range I follow in the short term is the range of 1980 - 2080 dollars. There is a wide band gap and will it fall below the $ 2000 level again as uncertainty occurs? Will it continue these increases until the $2080 level? We will start looking for the answer to this question, but my personal prediction is that it will fall below the 2000 dollar level again before the end of the year. I will be watching the $1980 support level. A new interpretation is also needed at the 1980 dollar level. My prediction, my expectation is that it will fall below the 2000 dollar level to the 1980 dollar level by the end of the year. I think it would be better to wait to buy or sell right now.

I had previously drawn attention to the two-dollar increase in the ounce price of silver. It was below the $22 level. Currently, after a short-term rest at $ 24.65, the target level I have set for ounce silver is $ 26. Declines will continue to remain as buying opportunities.

There is a stable situation in oil prices at 80 dollars. It's a calm ride. From time to time it drops below the 80 dollar level, and from time to time it continues to fluctuate between the 80 - 85 dollar range. Since the Opec meeting has been postponed, the uncertainty here still continues.

On the Palladium side, there is a level of $ 1064 with 1% sellers. After a rapid rise, sales here are natural and normal.

We have been seeing sharp fluctuations in cryptocurrencies in recent weeks. We see it falling sharply, the next moment it rises sharply. There is currently a 1.32% increase in value at $37311. On the Bitcoin side of cryptocurrencies, we continue to follow the range of 35000 - 40000 dollars in particular.

The dollar index remains negative at 103 levels. The process I expect in the dollar index is negative. My expectation remains that we have space down there.

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