My Thoughts on Current Markets-14

Euro-dollar parity was at 1.08 level yesterday. I continue to wait for the numbers 1.09 and above this week. Therefore, 1.08 and below levels use the euro side advantageously and offer a buying opportunity for medium and long-term investors. Especially this week, the withdrawals in the euro-dollar parity are not permanent. 1.0920-1.0930 levels can be seen this week. On the last trading day of the week, we can reevaluate today's forecast and expectation. I have an expectation of 1.15 level for the end of the year.

An ounce of gold was at the level of 1940 dollars yesterday. Gold prices started the week on a flat and calm course. The 1930 dollar support level is the 1968 dollar dollar resistance level. I will be monitoring this band gap this week. After the last pressure in September, October will be the period when we will talk about 2000 dollars per ounce of gold. These pullbacks in September offer an opportunity to buy. As of October, I continue to follow the 2080 and $2150 resistances in attacks above the $2000 level. For now, the horizontal process continues. This month, we will look at the inflation data in the USA and the interest rate decision of the US central bank FED. These are among the important factors in suppression, but the positive outlook continues in the short term. Despite the non-farm employment data, especially in the USA last week, I think it is a great success to hold above the 1940 dollar level. This signals that it will not stray too far from the $2000 level as of October.

The ounce price of silver was at the $24 support level yesterday. It took a quick strength from the $22 level. It continues its efforts to hold above the $24 level. Above are the $25 and $26 levels. The outlook is positive.

Oil prices started the week on a positive note. It's a quick start to September. Yesterday it was at $88.5 with a 2% premium. Above are the $92 and $94 resistances. I don't mind rising oil prices. For geopolitical and global markets, rising oil prices is not a good thing. This is the harbinger of economic crises. I would like to point out that the rise in oil prices before every economic crisis poses a serious risk. I continue to carefully follow the rise in oil prices. The higher the oil prices, the higher the geopolitical risks. There is a similar uncertainty in global economies.

There were aggressive rises in cryptocurrencies last week. This week started off on a quiet note. Bitcoin was at $25846 yesterday. I continue to follow the 23500-26500 band range. It's stuck in the narrow band gap. It continues to maintain its horizontal course in this band gap.

The dollar index was at 104 yesterday. I expect a decline in the dollar index to the level of 103. With this decline in the dollar index, the parities move upwards. We can see upward movements in all investment instruments against the dollar.

Looks like we're going to have a quiet week behind us. There is no negative data or explanation in the markets.

My opinions are not investment advice. Please do your own research.


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