Ripple digital currency ( XRP ) analysis

Ripple digital currency ( XRP ) analysis


Analysis & Predicting

Ripple currency (XRP) (Ripple) recorded areas of $ 0.46343 during trading this morning,

while its lowest price is at $ 0.40332 and the highest price is at $ 0.49687.

According to yesterday was amazing Booooom in its trend, recorded areas of $ 0.33006 during

Opening trading, while its lowest price was at $ 0.432961 and the highest price was at $ 0.447000,

great amplitude by 42.53%.

A few days later the Ripple currency so far, our view of it is neutral so far as a result of the lack

of confirmation on the break of the upward trend line so far, and also as a result of not trading

through a clear and specific direction since this day's trading.

Our outlook was neutral due to not trading in a specific direction, as there was no clear trend in trading.


the chart below:




It is predicting that the digital currency Ripple if it breaks the $ 0.49687 area, may its stable target

will exceed the area of $ 0.50000 & could back again to new support point at The area of 0.44848.


Support & Resistance


Support: $0.40332 - $0.32961 - $0.30389

Resistance: $0.49687 - $0.47000


Wish You all The Best & Have a very good (XRP) Trades!



The result depends on our personal Vision which could be right or wrong

 We analyze the past to predict the future.

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