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DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) analysis

The (DIA) digital currency one of the promised coin that faces a shining future


The (DIA) is trading now in an uptrend Direction


(DIA) is trading now at $ 1.686


The (DIA) digital coin has a great opportunity to continue the bullish trend to reach a higher price depending on charts indicators & dedications, there is a good chart which shows the coming grand bullish to hit the higher target.


Let's go step by step to see the (DIA): started at the first on 4/9/2020 with a high price $ 4.120 then fall to the area of 0.918 on 7/10/2020 after that day the volume has been increasing step by step & its movements are creating some of resistance & support areas which gave us signs shows the grand probability to jump with another relevant range to hit the oldest resistance area wich at $ 4.120 & flay more.


Otherwise, we need to trade wisely and keep an eye on the support & resistance area carefully.

Don't forget the uptrend followed by the downtrend.



AS Shown

The Chart Below




Keep an eye & try to ride the wave at the right time

Target: To hit & exceed the oldest resistance area of $ 4.120 then fly above $ 5.000

The digital currency (DIA),  if the price of $ 1.423 is broken, it may target levels of $ 1.273


Support & Resistance:

Support: $ 1.423 - $ 1.273

Resistance: $ 1.986 - hit the target of $ 4.120



The result depends on our personal Vision which could be right or wrong

 We analyze the past to predict the future.

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