Chainlink digital currency( LINK) Analysis

Chainlink digital currency (LINK) is trading now at $ 7.285

Since the last analysis, it still fluctuated between the Support & Resistance areas we have mentioned before - you can read it.


 here >>> Chainlink Coin ( LINK) Analysis - 19 Feb 2023


I know (LINK) is waiting for a chance to hit higher but at the same time could be their trader's presser, they never care about others but only ensure & maximize their profits.

All I wanna say is, watch carefully the incoming relatives' range prices.

Experts traders will never miss these trading areas up or down, (v. risky for beginners)

So let’s update our support & resistance areas in order to predict the probability of the incoming movement prices, So please read carefully the target, support & resistance mentioned below.


Otherwise, we do not recommend trading until testing & confirming the support areas in order to hit the resistance areas, even if there’s good daily volume showing the great coming jump to a higher price range, let’s go step by step to avoid the bearish trend & ride the bullish trend probability.


As we know; an uptrend is followed by a downtrend & vice versa


So, we never forget to Trade wisely as we advise buyers to place a stop loss below the support areas, as breaking these prices leads to another down support area 


As Shown

The Chart Below





Target: Going to hit & exceed the area of $ 9.470 then $ 12.200

Chainlink coin (LINK), if the price of $ 6.750 is broken, it may target levels of $ 5.300


Support & Resistance:

Support: $ 6.750 - $ 5.300

Resistance: $ 8.450 -  $ 12.270



The result depends on our personal Vision which could be right or wrong

We analyze the past to predict the future

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