What is WhatIsAdshares ? A contest. What is Adshares ? I don't know !
Screenshot From Adshares website

What is WhatIsAdshares ? A contest. What is Adshares ? I don't know !

I love doing contests on Publish0x ! I love this community and to experience the birthing of blockchain economy. 

So I went to look out about Adshares. All I had to do was checking their website. 

These simple words on the homepage of the site immediately alerted me to the great potential of this project.
As the metaverse explodes the market and spreads its shadow over centralized systems, it was clear that a decentralized advertising system was coming.

"Adshares Adserver platforms allow users to rent space inside Metaverse, blockchain games, NFT exhibitions and websites" 

As I have been observing the market and the crypto ecosystem for a few years now, it didn't take much to convince me.

I see the enormous potentials of this project in a single moment and I am very happy to be able to consider myself in a moment to have fulfilled the expectations of this contest.

It's just an amazing project.

It's a project that I want to follow and serve because of its great strategic interest.

Imagine being able to use the metaverse as an advertising space and distribute your products there?

Adshares boosts the world of advertising by giving it the power of the blockchain.
Human exchanges will be literally transformed in less than 5 years.

It is therefore a strategic part of the advertising industry that is about to undergo this transition.

Not the misleading advertising of the hyper-centralized mainstream media whose disadvantages we know.

We want a fairer society. We want advertising to be an opportunity for the healthy promotion of quality products. This is the decisive issue of the modulation of the economic network proposed by the blockchain. We need a healthy system, a benevolent ecosystem. Decentralization must allow for more fairness in human exchanges.

The auction principle offers opportunities to access well placed advertising spaces sometimes at a good price. It is a delight to have, thanks to the community around publish0x, the opportunity to discover Adshares at such an early phase of its generalization.

An open source model, here again, promises a progressive reinforcement. 

Project initiated in 2017, here it is in this end of 2021 has a higher stage of maturity.
It is time to seize the huge opportunity of this token. The token holders will receive commissions on the distribution of ads.

It is therefore through a unique blockchain and own Adshares that the protocol runs to manage transactions.

Here is my humble participation in this large-scale project. I apologize for caps but I wanted to close the topic with this now popular humoristic line: TAKE MY MONEY !!!! :D

Have a Great Day Dear Friends ! 

Be safe and share love around You ! 

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