The Algorithm Empire (Part # 1).

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Have you ever wondered why certain ads appear on your screen, why certain videos are recommended to you or why certain contacts are suggested to you? The answer is in the algorithm, that mathematical formula that decides what information it shows you and what information it hides, based on your personal data, your browsing habits, your tastes, your opinions and your emotions.

The algorithm is the king of the Internet, the one that controls what we see, what we read, what we listen to and what we share. The one who knows us better than ourselves and the one who influences us without us realizing it. The one that creates a customized information bubble, where only what we like reaches us, what confirms us and what suits us.

But the algorithm is not neutral, nor innocent, nor transparent. The algorithm has one goal: to maximize the profit of the companies that design and use it. To do this, the algorithm manipulates us, seduces us, hooks us and divides us. He makes us believe that we are free, when in reality we are slaves to his decisions.

Those algorithms make us consume more products, more services, more content. They make us spend more time connected, more time interacting, more time generating data. It makes us more predictable, more profitable, more vulnerable, it makes us think more but think less, it makes us follow more trends but have less criteria, it makes us feel more emotions but less empathy, it makes us part of more groups, but less society.

The algorithm is the empire that dominates us, the invisible power that conditions us, the silent threat that stalks us. Can we escape from him? Can we resist him? Can we control it? Or rather, can we control ourselves?

Many companies use algorithms to manipulate users, either to offer them personalized products or services, to influence their decisions, or to obtain their data. Some examples of the best known:

📌 Google, the Internet giant, uses algorithms to order search results, to show relevant ads, to suggest content on YouTube, to translate texts in Google Translate, to filter emails in Gmail, among other functions. These algorithms are based on the browsing history, preferences and behavior of users.

📌 Facebook, the world's most popular social network, uses algorithms to determine which posts appear on each user's wall, to recommend friends or groups, to display personalized ads, to moderate offensive or false content, among other functions. These algorithms are based on the personal data, interactions and interests of users.

📌 Netflix, the streaming platform, uses algorithms to recommend movies or series according to the profile of each user, to create original content based on the preferences of the public, to adjust the quality of the video according to the Internet connection, among other functions. These algorithms are based on the viewing history, ratings and likes of users.

📌 Amazon, the e-commerce giant, uses algorithms to suggest products related to each user's purchases or searches, to offer dynamic prices based on demand or competition, to optimize logistics and shipping of orders, among other functions. These algorithms are based on the purchase history, inquiries and behavior of users.

The answer is in our hands, or rather, in our fingers. Every time we click, every time we swipe, every time we like or dislike, we are feeding the algorithm, we are giving it more information about us, more power over us, more dominance over us. But we can also do the opposite. We can be more critical, more selective, more aware. We can look for other sources of information, other forms of entertainment, other ways of relating. We can use the Internet as a tool, not an addiction. We can be digital citizens, not subjects of the algorithm.

The algorithm exists because we exist, it changes because we change, it dominates us because we allow ourselves to be dominated by it, but we can also dominate it. We just have to want it. AND DO IT.

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