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Earn to Learn with Bitcoin Magazine App

By Cryptodd | CryptoCube | 4 May 2023

Earn to Learn is my preferite way to staking sats. Actually there are several ways to staking sats. Play to Earn is one of them but I think it is time consuming and often boring due to advertising. Anyway, If you are an early game player you can even earn a good dose of sats.

With Earn to learn you are in a win-win system. Learning something is always a win, earning is obviously the other win. I’m not talking about real study, “Read the f… Manual” is always the one and only approach to everything, not only crypto. I’m talking about articles, small courses or even surveys.

I started using Bitcoin Magazine App, some months ago, when it still was Carrot App.

By the way earning method is not changed. You can earn 5 sats for each article you read. Long, short, interesting or just curious articles you can earn always 5 sats. Articles are crypto focused but you can find other categories too. If you are new to crypto is a good place to learn something fast. Usually they post something like 3-5 article a day, but you have enough time to read it. Right now in my app there are 37 articles and the oldest one was published 9 days ago. As I told you, you have enough time to read them.

Bitcoin Magazine often can make you earn 25 sat for article just to celebrate a special event. And we really like to celebrate with them special events.

The first article of the queue is a 50 sats article and it is updated daily. 

Furthermore if you are a Bitcoin Magazine Twitter follower you can earn more sats using flash codes they publish. You paste the code in the App and 21-50-150 sats flow in your balance.

Last but not least, there is a 21 days mail course. They send you a daily mail. At the end of the course you have to answer to some questions and if everything is correct you get 2100 sats.

Bitcoin Magazine App has not an internal wallet but you can withdraw your balance to your preferite lnurl compatible lightning wallet. I use Wallet of Satoshi but on website hints Breez and BlueWallet are mentioned too.

Lightning withdrawals are processed instantly and with zero fees as you can check. This is very important to me, 5 sats earned are 5 sats withdrawn and this is the real lightning network power nobody seem to care about. We experienced low fees on layer 1 and zero fees on layer 2. Who could imagine that? Maybe in a future layer 3 we will earn simply making transactions. Who knows…

I use Bitcoin Magazine App since 22/01/2023 and I earned a total of 22.505 sats. It doesn’t take me to much time to read articles, we are talking about 15-20 minutes a day. I know, I will not pay my rent with  22ksats but I’m delighted earning some sats for free improving my knowledge on crypto.

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