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The Beginning of the Ides of Hive

By Allen Taylor | Cryptocracy | 1 Mar 2024

In Act 1, Scene 2 of Shakespeare's well-known stage play "Julius Caesar," Caesar is warned with what has become some of the most famous words in literature:

Beware the ides of March.

Of course, the words have a dark and ominous meaning in the play, especially for the kaiser of Rome. Forgive me for taking these words out of context and appropriating them for another purpose. It's the curse of a writer.

I'm dubbing the month of March The Ides of Hive. Here's why ...

ides of hive

What Is Hive?

Hive is a blockchain with fast and feeless transactions. One of the decentralized apps (dapps) on the blockchain is, a social blogging application where creators can monetize their content in a censorship-resistant environment. For well over a year now, and going on two, I've reported my earnings on Hive and other Web3 social media platforms. Hive has consistently been the platform that has delivered the best earnings.

One of the coolest and most useful features of is its wide variety of front ends that allow content creators to interact with the blockchain in a number of ways. With almost 200 dapps built on the blockchain, Hive has something to offer for everyone. That's why I've chosen Hive to be my focus for the month of March.

Starting Today: The Ides of Hive

I'm calling my content production theme for the month of March 2024 "The Ides of Hive." In a word, my plan is to post to the Hive blockchain at least once a day throughout the month of March. But why?

For the past year or so, I've been posting to Hive only two or three times a week, usually a blog post. Just as I do with the other Web3 social media platforms that I post to, I write first in Paragraph and cross-post to Hive and the other platforms. Doing this means each platform gets the same content at the same frequency, which is important for comparing performance. As noted earlier, Hive has consistently been the best performer. And the performance has improved as my Hive Power has increased.

I can't overstress the significance of that last point. Hive Power determines a lot on the Hive blockchain, and, in particular, it determines one's earning power.

Next Wednesday, I'll post February's earnings report. You'll see how taking a month off from my regular posting schedule has impacted my earnings on Hive. While I haven't been publishing content on my usual schedule, I did create a few posts for Hive, posts which I did not cross-post to other platforms. My earnings went down but were still respectable. Therefore, I'm going to increase my Hive posting and see what happens.

Starting today, I'm going to post at least one piece of content to Hive every day. It could be a Paragraph blog/newsletter post that I cross-post to Hive, or it could be short-form content piece I throw up on Ecency Waves, D.Buzz, or Leo Threads. It might be a meme on Liketu or it could be a video on 3Speak. It may be a long-form blog post I publish on @inleo and nowhere else. It could be a fictional story I've written, an excerpt from one of my books, or a nonfiction essay I've written specifically for the Hive blockchain. The point is, I will make an attempt to publish something to the Hive blockchain every single day in the month of March.


I'd be delighted if you'd follow me on Hive and comment on my posts. If you're not already on Hive, you can get an account through InLeo for free.

Meanwhile, enjoy Act 1, Scene 2 of Julius Caesar:


This post was first published by Author Allen Taylor at Paragraph. Image obtained from Pexels.


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