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My Cryptosocial Earnings for January 2022

By Allen Taylor | Cryptocracy | 4 Feb 2022

This year I’m going to start something new. I’m going to start reporting, on the first Friday of each month, my earnings from cryptosocial media of the previous month. This will be my first report.

The cryptosocial platforms and protocols I’ve been playing around on the most include Hive, Loop, Minds, MG Social, Noise Cash, Publish0x, Read Cash, Torum, and Coil. Without further ado, here’s what I’ve earned on these platforms thus far this year.


Hive pays out in two different cryptocurrencies. Hive Dollars (HBD) and Hive Power (HP). HBD is the native stablecoin on the blockchain and HP is the native staking coin, which is a measure of one’s influence on the blockchain. So, as HP increases, one’s votes and influence on the blockchain increases. That’s one of the nice things about HP.

Before I get on with my earnings, let me preface this with saying that I had an account on Hive prior to my current account. I spent a year-and-a-half playing around on Steemit before the Steemit-Hive hard fork that took place in 2020. During that year-and-a-half, I earned well over $1,500 STEEM. When the blockchain hard forked, the witnesses that left and started Hive airdropped an equal amount of Hive into most users’ Hive accounts. Unfortunately, around that same time I lost my wallet keys to both accounts. That means I lost over $3,000 in value, in STEEM and Hive, in just a few minutes.

The sickening part about that is thinking about what those two accounts could be worth today if I had continued nurturing them over the last couple of years. But, I like looking at the bright side.

I know, if I could do it once, I could do it again. That’s why I started another Hive account. But I didn’t do it right away. I grieved for my loss for over a year before restarting my Hive account. I have yet to restart a Steemit account, but that is likely in the future. And now, my earnings from Hive for January 2022:

  • HBD = $3.47

  • HP = $3.60

  • Total = $7.07


I’m a bit disappointed in Loop. I have 43,280 LOOPR tokens that I’ve earned on Loop since it was Trybe. We’re talking about nearly two years of activity. The problem is, these tokens have no real value for me right now, and I thought that they would.

The value of LOOPR tokens is that they determine how many LOOP one receives during each month’s airdrop. So far, I’ve missed one airdrop (they started in January 2022) because I haven’t been able to figure out how to move my LOOPR from the platform to my Terra wallet. That isn’t really necessary to receive the airdrop. I can still claim my LOOP tokens, but to do so I have to pay a gas fee in UST.

What I wanted to do is transfer some of my LOOPR into UST for paying gas fees. I have yet to figure out how I can do do that and I can’t seem to get anyone at Loop to answer my queries. Meanwhile, I’m converting other cryptocurrencies into UST and trying to figure out how to get them into my wallet so I can use them to pay fees. It’s a slow process because there aren’t very many tutorials to help me out.

I’m hoping Loop Market works out because I’d like to play around on their DEX and NFT markets. Stay tuned to see how this plays out.


Minds has been a slow go. I’ve been playing around on Minds for almost a year and have earned a total of $35.96. But my metrics says this is all off-chain. I’m not sure what that means exactly because when I check on my earnings report it says I’ve earned $0. But I have a balance of tokens that are valued at $35.96, which couldn’t have happened if I hadn’t earned them. I certainly didn’t buy them.

That said, it costs me $7 per month for the right to monetize my Minds blog. Effectively, with that expense, Minds is a push. But I’m chalking up my earnings over several months to $35.96, an equivalent of 15.962 tokens.

Total = $35.96

MG Social

MG Social is just a blip. The way one earns on the platform is through the Coil protocol and Xumm tips.

I’ve had some posting issues on MG Social. There are days when it doesn’t work right so I’m not able to post. But I almost always earn a few micropayments through Coil if I’m able to post.

Other users can also tip you on the platform, but they tip through Xumm, an app on top of the Ripple blockchain. Tips are in XRP. I’ve received one tip.

Thus far, my earnings have been:

  • Coil = $0.16

  • Xumm = $13.56

  • Total = $13.72

Noise Cash

Noise Cash is not as impressive as Read Cash (below) in terms of posting ability and earnings, but it does offer an opportunity to earn BCH. What I don’t like about it is it doesn’t support hyperlinks. However, one can post a link at the end of one’s on-page content if you want to send users elsewhere. In my opinion, the posting is limited. Nevertheless, I have managed to earn a few BCH tips.

Total = $1.53


I’ve been playing around on Publish0x for quite some time. It’s been a pretty consistent earner for me over the last year. In fact, I’ve earned well over $100 total since I started posting there last year. In January 2022, I earned a total of $9.76.

Total = $9.76

Read Cash

Read Cash allows me to post whole articles with links intact. That makes it much more valuable to me than Noise Cash.

I wasn’t doing so well on Read Cash until just a week ago when the Random Rewarder started hitting my posts. It hit several posts and tipped each one quite handsomely. Some of the posts it hit twice.

Total = $3.70


My earnings on Torum represent several months of posting, as well. One can’t gain access to one’s earnings on Torum until one completes a certain set of required achievements. Once that happens, the platform unlocks 500 XTM. At that point, regular earnings are possible. The following earnings represents several months of activity on Torum.

Total = $199.83


Uphold isn’t a cryptosocial platform or protocol, but it collects my earnings from two sources. First, all Basic Attention Tokens I earned from the Brave Browser go into my Uphold account. Second, my Coil earnings from all sources except MG Social go into my Uphold account.

Coil is a monetization protocol that one can connect to certain platforms and earn 36 cents per viewing hour for all traffic through those channels. I have a YouTube channel connected to Coil as well as a blog that I own. It costs $5 per month for the protocol. I am not earning $5 per month right now, so it is an expense more than an income stream. Nevertheless, I like the idea of Coil and see great potential. I wish I could connect my Substack account to it.

The total earnings here is, again, for several months of activity on Brave and through Coil.

Total earnings = $44.67


Substack is not currently earning me any income, but it is the home base of the Cryptocracy newsletter.

Total = $0.00


I’ve also got several coins staked at various platforms. The interest on this is not reported every month. In fact, different coins have different reporting schedules, which makes it difficult to tally a total monthly earnings. Since I’ve started staking, several months ago, I’ve earned more than $50.00 in staking interest. This includes various coins and tokens that I’ve staked, probably, for a couple of years. The cryptocurrencies I have staked include:

  • Ethereum 2

  • USDC

  • Dai

  • Tezos

  • Cosmos

  • Algorand

  • Cardano

At one time, Algorand was earning a 14%+ interest, but now it’s down to .66%. I’m going to have to rethink what I’m doing with that now. The best I can tell, my staking interest for January 22 was 97 cents. What makes it difficult to track is the platforms that offer staking incentives will often change the interest with little or no notice, so I have to keep a close eye on it.

Total = .$0.97

Total Earnings From Crypto in January 2022

Again, I want to stress that some of these are for a single month and some are for several months combined. Also, keep in mind that these earnings do no include Loop Markets because I have no way of knowing what the real value of my LOOPR tokens is. Next month, I plan to start at ground zero and you’ll be able to see an actual monthly earnings report. For now,

Total earned in January 2022 = $317.21

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First published at Cryptocracy. Not financial advice.

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