How Ethereum Celebrated Its 6th Birthday This Week
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How Ethereum Celebrated Its 6th Birthday This Week

By Allen Taylor | Cryptocracy | 31 Jul 2021

The word cryptocurrency elicits ideas of deceitful characters stealing real life money and turning it into monopoly money somewhere deep in the dark web. But what is it actually? And how should it be dealt with in an insolvent estate?

Over time, and certainly in the past year, with the drastic increase in value, cryptocurrency has changed in many people’s minds from a salacious method of money laundering to becoming a serious contender for investment. More and more novice investors are dipping their toes in the metaphoric water and even large brands (Starbucks, Amazon, Paypal, to name a few) are starting to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. As more money is being converted into cryptocurrency, these types of assets are becoming more prevalent in insolvent estates. So, what does that mean for creditors of companies or bankrupts who have invested in cryptocurrency?

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The World of Crypto This Week

Meet the people you should know in crypto.

Yesterday, was Ethereum’s sixth birthday. Wealthfront celebrated by allowing its users to add ether and bitcoin to their portfolios. Meanwhile, ether’s biggest fans are expecting a new upgrade that will reduce supply and boost price. Cofounder Joseph Lubin is looking for a new definition of “enterprise blockchain.” Does that make you cross your eyes?

Bitcoin is over $40,000 again. The Motley Fool wants to tell you why. Bitcoin Magazine weighs in too. And, of course, Billy Bambrough—the cynical weatherman that he is—is expecting an earthquake.

Lessons learned from the 10 biggest crypto scams ever.

Speaking of scams, the feds are confiscating a lot of cryptocurrency and can’t figure out what to do with it. This news just in as Washington lawmakers turn their sights toward cryptocurrency to help pay for the president’s infrastructure package. I bet no one ever tells Sleepy Joe he’s got a nice package! has the take on the best performing cryptocurrencies in July.

Mark Cuban has invested in a platform that allows NFT owners to customize their NFTs. And we all know that everything Mark Cuban touches turns into a basketball.

Tenderly, an Ethereum-based platform, has raised $15.3 million.

Amazon’s 1.55 trillion reasons to accept crypto. And just in case you’re wondering about that anonymous tip that sent bitcoin to the moon this week, here’s why the insider tip that Amazon is definitely going crypto was probably just someone mouthing off—perhaps in hopes of sending bitcoin to the moon so they could sell. It worked.

Miami has a new vice —MiamiCoin.

Are crypto retirement plans a good idea? Well, this new IRA product allows for tax-free bitcoin mining.

5 easy ways to earn crypto without trading and 6 ways to earn free crypto.

Do we need new rules and tools for cryptocurrencies?

MasterCard wants to help startup crypto companies grow by making cryptocurrencies easier to use.

What’s your favorite crypto news story of the day? Which story do you think will have the biggest impact? Leave your comment down below.

This post was first published at Cryptocracy.


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