Friday Fintech Roundup #10 - Affirm, Blend, and LendingPoint
Friday Fintech Roundup

Friday Fintech Roundup #10 - Affirm, Blend, and LendingPoint

By Allen Taylor | Cryptocracy | 15 Jan 2021

This week's Friday Fintech Roundup features Affirm, Blend, and a host of other fintech firms.


  • Affirm started selling shares on the Nasdaq on Wednesday and saw the price soar 100% from the initial listing of $49 to $97.24 at closing time. Way to go Affirm!
  • Finextra reports Santander has pulled the plug on funding Asto Digital, an app-based small business invoice and expense management system.
  • Lendio is providing PPP loan application and forgiveness services to Marketing 360 customers.
  • Business lender Linked Finance has been approved under the U.S. COVID-19 Credit Guarantee Scheme giving small businesses another avenue for securing fast discount loans.
  • Digital lending platform Blend has raised $300 million in a Series G funding round, putting its valuation at $3.3 billion.
  • LendingPoint received its first equity funding in the amount of $125 million.
  • The Financial Conduct Authority in UK and the president of the European Central Bank have both called for greater regulatory oversight of cryptocurrencies. These voices prompted crypto advocate Nigel Green of the deVere Group to agree. Green said greater regulation is needed because “digital currencies, including bitcoin, are set to play an ever greater role in the international financial system.”

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