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Ethereum's New Testnet and Crypto Predictions for 2022

By Allen Taylor | Cryptocracy | 22 Dec 2021

Welcome to the mid-week edition of Cryptocracy. I’ve been very busy lately doing two things:

  1. Promoting my book I Am Not the King, primarily through podcast appearances

  2. And writing a new book on the history of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap (more on this later)

Before I get into the news for this week, one short announcement: As you know, I normally publish Cryptocracy on Saturday morning, however, there will no publication on Saturday (Christmas Day). I am planning, at this time, to publish on New Year’s Day.

And now, without further ado …

The Top Crypto News Today

Ethereum opened the Kintsugi testnet to the public on Monday in preparation for its move to Proof of Stake. Here’s what you should be looking for regarding ETH in the next few days.

Visa has partnered with 60 crypto platforms to connect consumers with 80 million merchants for buying with crypto.

Jack Dorsey says Bitcoin will replace the U.S. dollar.

Terra has surpassed Binance Smart Chain as the second largest DeFi protocol.

XRP CEO Brad Garlinghouse accuses former SEC Chairman Jay Clayton of “picking winners.”

Binance is building a crypto hub with Dubai World Trade Center.

A Sony employee embezzled $154 million and converted it to bitcoin.

Radio Shack is jumping on the crypto bandwagon. This is not your grandfather’s Radio Shack.

One former U.S. treasurer says the crypto train has left the station. Choo choo …

Predictions and Prophecies for 2022

Top 20 crypto predictions for 2022.

What the crypto market will look like in 2022. Could cryptocurrencies become less volatile? The market may no longer be about bitcoin and ether as cryptocurrencies see wider adoption and more competition.

Some analysts are looking at Cosmos as the superstar next year.

5 crypto trends to be on the lookout for in 2022.

Mandel to acquire EOSIO.

Other Awesome Reads

The cryptocurrencies with the highest returns in 2021.

Is finance headed toward mass-market automation?

The benefits of bitcoin lending.

Do politicians owning cryptocurrencies present a conflict of interest(A great read)

5 of the best VPNs to keep your crypto secure.

How to launch a lucrative NFT marketplace. And what role will NFTs play for creators and collectors? In Vietnam, Space Metaverse minted over 16,500 NFTs in 24 hours. Meanwhile, Coinbase defines its role in the metaverse.

Large organizations are turning to digital currencies for stored value.

This bitcoin bull owns $866 million in bitcoin.

Getting paid in digital assets is growing in popularity.

Around the World with Crypto

5 things most Americans don’t know about crypto.

Chinese court rules bitcoin mining contract is invalid.

The most popular cryptocurrency in Brazil in 2021.

Chinese companies have entered a footrace for metaverse trademarks.

SEBA Bank in Switzerland is partnering with Aave.

Cambodia aims hybrid digital currency at the unbanked.

Join My Crypto Launch Team

You already know about my forthcoming book Cryptosocial: How Cryptocurrencies Are Changing Social Media. The book is at my publisher’s and will be released in March 2022. Meanwhile, I’m neck deep in producing another book on crypto, which I plan to publish mid-January as a precursor. The topic: The history of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap. Which coins topped the charts and when, and where are they now?

I’ve not come up with the official title yet, but I am beginning to assemble my launch team. What is a launch team, you ask?

I was recently asked that question by Kenny MacKay in his Author Your Dream podcast. You can listen to my explanation and description of a book launch team right here.

As I explain in the podcast, I’d like to launch my next book with 100 members on my launch team. If you’d be interested in helping me spread the word about my new book and helping it gain some early momentum, visit my author website, scroll to the bottom, and click the link to receive a free list of cryptosocial platforms and protocols. I’ll make sure you get all the details very soon.

As usual, nothing in this newsletter should be construed as financial advice. It’s for educational and entertainment purposes only. Do your own research for investing in cryptocurrencies or acting on any information published, here or elsewhere. This post first published at Cryptocracy.

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