Crypto: Is It Mooning, Or Is It All Doom and Gloom?
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Crypto: Is It Mooning, Or Is It All Doom and Gloom?

By Allen Taylor | Cryptocracy | 24 Jul 2021

MoonPay has created a global onramp to Polygon, the first of its kind, that allows the purchase of MATIC assets with fiat currencies. First, I’ve got to say the name MoonPay is stellar. It brings to mind high tides and romance, rocket ships and werewolves, and, of course, Neil Armstrong and Elon Musk. If the service is as celestial as the name, MoonPay could send crypto into orbit. Or it just might make us all looney.

Coinbase Commerce has announced you can now use Dogecoin to make purchases. But you must prove you have a photo of Elon Musk on your office desk. Okay, that last part isn’t true. But it should be.

Bitcoin SV is spinning its head after a user managed to double spend on the network. First, we’re talking about a fork of a fork here. The name itself (SV stands for Satoshi’s Vision) makes me suspect. It makes me think of political double speak, the art of saying one thing and doing another while making other people think you walk on the moon even as you crawl through ugly muck. Editorial aside, Gravity suspended trading for a short period and Binance has promised to suspend its BSV mining pool at the end of the month. BSV is the brainchild of Craig Wright who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of bitcoin. Why does anyone even take it seriously?

Here’s why investors need a crypto ETF now more than ever.

Remember in high school when you were the fifth favorite cheerleader of all the boys in your gym class and your boyfriend broke up with you? Then your ex-boyfriend’s best friend from junior high decided to make a move on you and you had a front row seat to a cockfight. Wasn’t that awesome? Well, Ripple is probably bristling with flaming testosterone right now because Stellar is making a move on MoneyGram, a former Ripple partner. Meanwhile, Ripple’s new weekend love interest Tranglo, is being mysteriously flirty with the fintech industry with something new and interesting up her skirt. Only, she’s not telling us what it is. Are you intrigued? Wouldn’t you just like to have one peak up there to see what all the fuss is about?


Thorchain recently suffered a hack costing $8 million. These things make me wanna cry.

Tyger Tyger, burning bright. In the forests of the night. A UK museum is minting and selling an NFT of poet William Blake frontispiece known as Ancient of Days. The proceeds will fund “socially beneficial projects,” which probably means something of interest to about 10 people.

crypto NFT

Is it just me or has Texas been getting uppity lately? Now the state has issued a cease-and-desist order against BlockFi.

Meet the 10 worst cryptocurrencies, according to

MBA programs are taking a greater interest in crypto. This is another step to mass adoption. If MBA students graduate with a basic knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology, we’ll see a lot more interesting and practical use cases for the technology. That should spell less hype, or at least better hype. Or, maybe hype based on real data. Or something good should come from it at the very least. Something more than porcupines.

Is Amazon developing an interest in cryptocurrency? Maybe some day I’ll be able to buy books with Amazon money, and sell my books on Amazon for crypto. If only I could rub Jeff Bezos’ head and make a wish. Here’s Amazon’s blockchain job announcement.

Women and people of color prefer cryptocurrencies over stocks. Meanwhile, 13 percent of Americans traded crypto in the past year. Is that the bright side or the down side?

Monero posted a record transaction day.

India’s central bank wants to phase in its own digital currency. This is a complete turnaround for the Reserve Bank. Meanwhile, Nigeria’s central bank will launch its digital currency pilot on October 1.

Is a bitcoin short squeeze on the way?

Feeling like a yo-yo? Elon Musk is. He says Tesla will start accepting bitcoin again. But, there’s a caveat. And I’m not talking about making a salad. The dude wants to make sure bitcoin mining is powered by at least 50 percent renewable energy.

An opinion piece on Coindesk asks, What is bitcoin freedom? And wouldn’t you know it? Younger investors are taking to bitcoin while actor Adrian Grenier of Entourage (HBO) is building a communal farm in Texas where bitcoin is the hyperlocal currency. Despite all the love, bitcoin has lost half its value since April. Is that a reason to lament? Nah!

Binance US wants to go public. Coin98 listed on Binance then soared 1,200 percent in value.

Massena, New York has imposed a 90-day moratorium on crypto mining. They’re trying to empty the trailer trash.

Circle K is working with Bitcoin Depot to install bitcoin ATM machines in its stores. They’ve already installed more than 700 machines in 30 states. Someday, bitcoin ATMs will be as commonplace as fiat ATMs. And now you have one more reason to love Circle K.

Trumpers have their own cryptocurrency. The Make America Great Again coin was hacked exposing personal data of more than 1,000 people. Maybe we should make crypto great again.

First published at Cryptocracy. Not to be taken as financial advice. Please seek a financial adviser before investing in crypto.


The featured image is from Unsplash. William Blake's Ancient of Days is public domain.



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