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5 at 4: Top 5 Crypto News Items at 4 p.m. EST Today

By Allen Taylor | Cryptocracy | 10 May 2021

This is going to be short and sweet. I'm going to bet you haven't heard of these five pieces of crypto news. If you have, please forgive me. If you haven't, say you heard it here first.

  • Nonfungible.com reports the top-selling NFT football card is Kylian Mbappé Rare 29/100. These are soccer players, for U.S. citizens. The rest of the world calls it football. Kylian Mbappé card sold for $72,951.91. Kylian is actually on the top-selling list seven times, which means he is the top-selling NFT player card as well as the most popular. See who else is on the list. (Based on research by CryptoCart.)
  • The Xcad Network is a new platform offering YouTubers a way to earn NFTs and tokens as rewards. The company secured $3,900,000 in funding to perform this mission.
  • Why we need another crypto wallet. You'll definitely want to read this interview with Unstoppable Domains CTO and chief growth officer.
  • Ether passed $4,000 yesterday. The largest altcoin is going bonkers. Anyone know why? 
  • Elon Musk, the man responsible for Dogecoin skyrocketing to the moon with a single tweet, is now calling the biggest joke in the cryptosphere a "hustle." He said this on Saturday Night Live, which is a kind of a joke itself. Huh-huh ... let's all have a laugh over a beer.

So there's your top 5 news items for today. Want to keep up with what's going on in the crypto world weekly? Subscribe to my newsletter Cryptocracy at Substack. It's free.

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