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10 Cryptosocial Media Platforms Friendly Toward Businesses

By Allen Taylor | Cryptocracy | 1 Jul 2021

Social media has become a big business. All kinds of enterprises, large and small, use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more to reach new customers, engage with current customers, and brand themselves in ways never before imaginable. The social media ecosystem has created new ways of marketing and new ways of doing business. However, there is another iteration of social media that is working its way into the ecosystem that promises to offer new applications for businesses.

Below are just a few ways businesses of all types can use cryptosocial media. These platforms not only offer marketing channels, but revenue generation channels.

  1. Steemit – Steemit is the granddaddy of cryptosocial platforms. There are several ways businesses can use it for marketing, reaching new audiences, and promoting themselves. But you can also use it to earn income simply by earning crypto rewards for your posts. The key is to nurture a loyal following with interesting posts on a topic relevant to your customers. Your customers do not even need to be on Steemit. If your posts are engaging, informative, and entertaining, they’ll get votes and your company will earn rewards. Then you can use that content on your portfolio to show your clients that you are a top-notch content-producing company they should be doing business with.
  2. Minds – Minds is another cryptosocial platform that allows anyone to create an account and begin posting content. Just like Steemit, you can earn rewards for the content you post.
  3. Trybe – Trybe recently announced that they are leaving the EOS blockchain. I suspect that’s not going to change the high value they offer companies who want to use it nurture a following in the crypto space. Like Steemit and Minds, you can earn tokens for your content, but you can also stake your tokens to help them earn even more. I believe Trybe could be a better opportunity once it completes its move to the Terra blockchain. Content categories go beyond cryptocurrency and blockchain topics and include adventure travel, alternative energy, artificial intelligence, books, business, cannabis, computers, entrepreneurship, environmental science, exercise, finance, health and fitness, investing, luxury travel, marketing, medicine, movies, music, natural medicine, personal development, programming, sexuality, sports, transportation, and more. If you run a business in any of these categories, you can post to Trybe, earn rewards for your content, and nurture an audience that is growing in the cryptosocial space.
  4. Coil – Coil offers a unique proposition. It’s a protocol, not a platform. You can add the Coil monetization code to any of your web properties and earn crypto income based on the amount of traffic and readership you get. You can also monetize your Twitch and YouTube channels. You’ll need a payment pointer, which you can get from Uphold or Gatehub.
  5. Publish0x – Publish0x is an awesome platform that is very active. If you publish solid content, you can build a following fast. The downside is that most of the content is crypto-related, so it’s a better platform for crypto brands. Non-crypto content doesn’t do as well. Still, if your business accepts cryptocurrencies for payment, you can write about cryptocurrencies and drive traffic to your business through soft marketing.
  6. LBRY/Odysee – LBRY/Odysee is a video sharing platform that allows video content producers to earn rewards posting their video content. One cool thing about it is you can automatically import your YouTube videos. So if you have a YouTube channel, you can monetize your video content by earning rewards on Odysee.
  7. Hive – Hive is a hard fork of Steemit. It works much like Steemit. Post your content, earn rewards, and nurture a cryptosocial channel for your business.
  8. APPICS – APPICS attempts to integrate influencers into the content production channel. Based on categories, each channel on APPICS has a director who is an expert on the topic. That person is responsible for integrating influencers and brands into the content. Influencers can earn rewards for promoting brands, APPICS category directors earn rewards for moderating content, and users earn rewards when they interact with content. This is a different business model than traditional social media because brands don’t advertise to social media users who have expressed no interest in the brand. Instead, brands earn the right to reach consumers by producing great content that attracts attention. The same way everyone else earns attention.
  9. YouNow – YouNow is another video sharing platform where users can earn PROPS tokens for posting their videos. Another YouTube alternative, it has attractive the attention of popular YouTuber Philip DeFranco.
  10. Torum – Torum is another cryptosocial platform that also includes a decentralized finance staking protocol and an NFT marketplace. NFTs are non-fungible tokens, unique tokens that are one-of-a-kind. They present a unique opportunity for brands to create unique and valuable content that users will collect, buy and sell, and trade. As NFTs see more trade activity, their value increases based on the laws of supply and demand and scarcity. The more value your customers see in them, the more rewards you can earn on them. Think of it like this: Companies create mugs, t-shirts, and other products that customers buy, which creates free marketing opportunities for the business and additional revenue. With NFTs, digital artwork can be collectible and pay the company on every transaction into the future as customers buy, sell, and trade them on the open market. This is way more powerful than mugs and t-shirts.

I cannot guarantee that your business will earn any rewards for using these platforms and protocols, but they do present some unique opportunities for all kinds of businesses ready to step into the crypto ecosystem. Cryptosocial media is growing and will someday be a viable niche within social media allowing brands to earn crypto rewards while marketing their businesses through content channels.

Please do not consider this financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. This content is for information purposes only. If you need a writer for your crypto brand, contact CryptoBloggers today.

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