New to Crypto? - European Exchange and Trading
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New to Crypto? - European Exchange and Trading

By Ascii4rt | CryptoCompanion | 27 Mar 2020

If you already have been in Crypto for a while this post is not intended for you. If you're new to the Crypto Space and are trying to get a foot in to Cryptocurrency, this post might be for you.


There are a lot of exchanges out there. Many in Asia or the US. If you are from Europe you may want an exchange based in the EU that is fully regulated. Here Bitpanda comes in to the game. They are an Austrian Digital Crypto & Metal Exchange and Trading Platform.

First thing, they do a KYC. If you're not OK with this, then this is not a platform for you, sorry. You need a DEX like dydx!

They verify light and full.

With light verification you can only trade and swap any digital asset including Bitpanda Metals and deposit/withdraw fiat via bank transfer.

With the full verification you get more options like all trading features, including Metals, Swap and Savings. And you can deposit and withdraw fiat via bank transfer, credit cards and online payment providers like SOFORT, iDEAL, NETELLER, Skrill, Zimpler and more.


For those who just want to buy some Crypto, they make it very easy to buy digital assets quickly.

After you registered and did your KYC you can choose from different options. Then you can add Fiat from your bank account.

They offer a Savings Plan which gives you the possibility to DCA for a Coin or Metal of your choice.
If you want to buy at a good price and decide yourself when to buy but you do not want to trade, you can get your asset directly from Bitpanda. You buy at the announced price on the marketplace.


And then there is Bitpanda Pro.

If you want to get in to the trading game, Bitpanda Pro is the place to go. The exchange has a nice interface and you can switch trading pairs very fast. It offers some basic drawing tools and you can use your favorite indicators on the charts.

Trading is made fairly easy, no leveraged trading! You get three order types, Market Order, Limit Order and Stop Order. Nothing fancy, but more than enough for someone who has little to no trading experience.

If you would like to do more on the exchange it should be possible over there API. The Bitpanda Pro API is very well documented and they offer code snippets in different programming languages for certain actions.

So if you are thinking about trading over the API you could find Bitpanda interesting as well.



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