Bitpanda & Speedinvest Partnership
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Bitpanda & Speedinvest Partnership

By Ascii4rt | CryptoCompanion | 8 Apr 2020

Bitpanda partners with Speedinvest

So what dose this mean for all of you out there who are already using Bitpanda?

More assets!

Bitpanda is doing its part to give you a easy and good way to invest in assets, digital and physical. The partnership with SI will bring new asset classes to Bitpanda.


Expansion to France, Spain and Turkey

In late April Bitpanda is planning to expand to France. In June they plan on getting Spain and Turkey in as well. Further expansion is planned for later this year. They put there main effort in constantly evaluating which regions are best suited and keeping compliance standards that are fully in accordance with the latest financial regulations.


From Europe to the World

Quote from Bitpanda about the future:

"Our goal for the next several years is to transform Bitpanda from a European company into a global one. This partnership is new ground for us at Bitpanda, since we have been operating profitably and independently for more than five years. We feel that now is the right time to grow internationally and bring our financial solutions and innovative products to new audiences. We are convinced that our long-term vision of providing access to the financial market and allowing anyone to become an investor can now be achieved with the support of Speedinvest with their experience and track record in helping companies scale."


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