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What is Upland and how do you enjoy playing while earning from it-#UplandPublish0x

By Johnes | Cryptocoinworld | 24 Feb 2021

What is Upland and how do you enjoy playing while earning from it-#UplandPublish0x


This is an EOS-based decentralized properties and land collectibles game and to the players, which is currently available across platform, on Apple’s iOS App Store alsoAndroid’s Play Store.

It’s been described as a mix of property trading based on real-world addresses , like the widely popular board of the famous collectibles games, but it mainly differs in its core build items. This is a decentralized gaming platform built on the EOS blockchain, which allows players to have unique pieces of land and property streets in Monopoly famed just like Pokémon game creatures.


The property on blockchains allows to purchase properties in users’ control in perpetuity. This can be a revolution for collector’s gaming platforms in the market.

Elevated Points



• Redefining gaming economies.

  • Virtual properties on EOS blockchain.

  • Decentralized “true ownership” of virtual property.

​‘Redefining the normal gaming earning

The gaming market allows users to play and buy in-game or other tokens which is unfortunately spendable into the -game only. This means the tokens lack “ownership” and you cannot sell or transfer them to another player or group. Here Upland aims to resolve this problem by their virtual decentralized real estate collectibles game built on EOS blockchain which can be transfered or sold to anyone on the platform. Here players can buy, trade and sell as NFTs ( Non-Fungible Tokens ) This helps to monetize the platform and the players can earn from it. The prices are the real world prices.

This hybrid game allows players to accumulate money by buying property, and earning from it and then selling it for profit and charges for transactions are calculated accordingly. The transactions are done in UPX which the virtual currency which has a fixed rate with USD and can be purchased with Credit cards and debit cards or paypal and cryptocurrencies and they can sell the same and take back in real currency.

Once UPX is loaded , the player can search for properties across various cities and places in which each property will be holding an unique title. The properties are very scarce in nature and resources: which is unique and will be held by one player with ownership title at any given time. There will be no duplication of any sort in the name of the property which is connected to real property addresses.

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