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There is a lack of space in our virtual metaverse to connect the sports fans with their idols especially in football and usually, the new talents are left out of this to fill the gap. The JETcoin came with a crypto platform bringing NFT's into the market, helping fans to connect with their idols, and new talents, it allows all parties to connect and benefit from this relation. It trades the ticker JET on several exchanges and is also listed on coinmarketcap. Jetcoin also expands its reach into the sports, music, and media industry.




The name NFT stands for a non-fungible token, it is a Blockchain backed digital image which is tradable and unique. NFTs trades are similar to old baseball cards. JET NFT is offering sports NFTs. Now Jet NFT offers football players NFT which are racing themed NFT. The art NFT styling is unique and fun creating a correlation between all the individual NFT pieces, which is common in the NFT marketplace.

In the olden days when we were kids, we used to play trump cards and later we moved on to UNO cars then trading FIFA's FUT cards like this, Jetcoin wants to be the next step. And the value of these cards is established using blockchain technology. In other words, Jetcoin is trying to take a chance if the MESSIs of tomorrow make money then NFT holders of MESSI too make money.

In this NFT trading, you are supporting your favorite player, and your favorite Player needs to prove the support for you in the future. In another case, if he or she fails then you have the right to unfollow him and get your investment back.

JET NFTs operate on the Jetcoin system (ERC-20) and are viewable via the innovative JET NFT viewer, https://jetcoin.io/jet-nft/

 Jetcoin Place In The Crypto World

JETNFT trading cards developed under Jetcoin, empower the fans and disrupt the old business model of sports and entertainment business where the fans have no role in which the business is run by wealthy corporations and their agents. As the crypto world is dominated by Bitcoin and Ethereum like digital gold and smart contract ecosystem as Oil Jetcoin try to bring in a disruptive business model

Jetcoin Trading cards:

The Mintable marketplace which is an Ethereum based hub for artists, buyers, and sellers of NFT's and JETcoin trading cards is minted at the Mintable marketplace. A JETcoin trading card NFT is like a person's career. It represents the value of a football player, with the benefit of being limited in numbers and easy to trade. As the career of the football player grows the JETNFT value also increases offering a passive income to the JETNFT and JETcoin holders, and this is great to connect to and interact with their favorite person.


JET NFT Cards have some good unique features which can be viewed with the JET NFT viewer “jetnft.com”. JET NFT cards are designed to have text-photos-videos which leads to having good interactive content which can be updated. The plans are lined up with JET NFT cards in that the holders of JET NFT get rewards at purchase or to be airdropped at a future time. To know further about the JET NFT card if you hold one you can reach out to the tutorials to know more. To view, you need to be logged with a MetaMask wallet extension.

Jetcoin Empowering Fans:




Jetcoin Sponsorships:

  • English Football League Derby County FC;
  • Wigan Athletic F.C.;
  • English Premier League perimeter banner advertising;
  • Serie A football team A.C. Chievo Verona;
  • Serie A football team Hellas Verona;
  • Formula One Official After-Parties in Singapore,...

The last is with Huddersfield Town for their FA Cup against Burnley, for January 8th, 2022. 

Is Jetcoin NFT unique?

The NFT market is emerging and a lot of new NFTs are coming in especially NFT art. The NFT helps to digitalize and monetize your art at home and safely store it in your crypto wallet on your smartphone.

Future for the Jetcoin digital collectible platform

The internet is emerging into web 3.0 offers users value as well as information. Jetcoin is offering next-generation NFT solutions.

Trading Contracts:


Jetcoin Trading

Jetcoin trades are several exchanges such as:

  • Bitcratic (JET/ETH);
  • Fork Delta (JET/ETH);
  • Mercatox (JET/BTC);
  • PancakeSwap (JET/WBNB);
  • Probit Global (JET/USDT).




Jetcoin Trading Pairs

Exchange Bitcratic: Go to JET/ETH trading pair

Exchange Fork Delta: Go to JET/ETH trading pair

Exchange Mercatox: Go to JET/BTC trading pair

DEX Pancakeswap: Go to Pancakeswap

Exchange Probit: Go to JET/USDT trading pair

SWFT Blockchain app: Go to SWFT Blockchain

Exchanges Listed: 


Pool Rewards :


NFT Offering:

You can peruse the offerings here, https://mintable.app/store/12/JETCOIN

Disruptive Business Idea


 Jetcoin NFTs Card the Idea

For example, you are a Soccer fan and know the talent in your neighborhood and are impressed with his skills. Jetcoin will support him through the NFT contract after he will sign the contract with them. In a few years, if he becomes a big player like Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi and has many fans even millions in numbers. This will the players to sell football, shirt, stud, autograph or anything signed. In this way, Jetcoin NFTs Cards will also be sold out and you can get the bonus of these NFTs. So, you can be part of this wonderful community to support not only your talent but also your future. 

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