Buy low and sell high.

Buy low and sell high.

By Papiloskibtc | Cryptocoins2020 | 19 May 2020

There are many investment methods or strategies to obtain profits in the world of cryptocurrencies, today I will talk to you about a strategy that will give you very good results, since the person who recommended it worked for me and of course it also worked for me. I like it so much that I said this is the most perfect method that exists to win, because it makes sense and logic even when we hear the phrase "Buy cheap and sell expensive".

Many wonder how? easy the world of cryptocurrencies is a market that varies a lot and over time there are more and more cryptocurrencies and assets, each with a value that fluctuates daily and this is where this comes into play for the short term, because if we know The market knows when the price is high for an asset and when it is low too.

For example, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and the crisis that affected the entire financial market at the beginning of this year 2020, we could see how oil reached a price of less than $10 when its price range or average in recent years years around 50$ it was the right time to buy oil titles since its price was very low and by bounce law it had to raise the price to at least 50% of its average, if we bought 100 barrels of oil at $10 we would spend a total of $1000 and at this time 2 months later the oil has a value above $30 and we would be tripling our money.



Another example is with bitcoin, at the start of the pandemic its price reached $4,500 a great time to buy cheaply and double our money, if two months ago we bought bitcoin at $4,500 right now we would have in our pocket $10,000 just to use the strategy of buying cheap and losing expensive, although with bitcoin you can still come more profit, its price has not yet exploded and soon we will see a bitcoin price close to $20,000 in a short period of time 2 or 3 months.


Bitcoin has not yet increased in value as we all expect, as well as after the halving of 2012 as well as the halving of 2016, now after this halving 2020 it will not be different, it is a great time to invest in bitcoin and expect short-term gains .

Another method that we can apply to generate short-term profits is doing the same but in this case with localbitcoins, we buy cheap bitcoins on Hodly and then sell them expensively on localbitcoin and generate profits every day from our home or work.

Now for the long term it is the same method but we only have to wait longer, in this case we are going to invest in cryptocurrencies such as dodgecoin that has a value of $0.0025 and wait until one day it reaches the value of $1 or at least $0.5 and We will obtain many gains, because with dodgecoin we do not lose anything if its price falls but we gain a lot if it rises.

For example, if we buy 10,000 dodgecoin we would be spending $25 to $0.0025 for each dogecoin, and if dodgecoin in 2 years increases its value to $1, we would have $10,000 for only $25.

If it drops in value and reaches $0, we only lose $25, but that is difficult because dodgecoin is a currency with a very good projection.



As well as dodgecoin we can do with many cryptocurrencies and assets that are now at a low price and its value is expected to increase, remember that bitcoin had a value of $10 a few years ago, today it is at $10,000.

These are some cryptocurrencies that can be bought now at a low price and wait for their explosion.

• Bitcoin

• Dodgecoin

• Ripple

• XLM 

• Syscoin

• Tron


• ETH 



• Dash

• Litecoin

• Cardano 

• Loopring 


Remember the phrase "Buy low and sell high".

Thank for read.


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