Buy cryptocurrencies, your dollars will lose value. With the collapse of the economy in the United States and the world.

By Papiloskibtc | Cryptocoins2020 | 18 May 2020

With the passage of time we have noticed that the fiat currencies or money of many countries have been devalued while the cryptocurrencies have more and more strength and generate more confidence in digital than physical money.


To be great, we must think big. And this is why from a young age it is necessary that we begin to have a thrifty conscience to give a good future to our lives and those of our families.

The world of cryptocurrencies is a long-term digital savings strategy that generates great rewards for those who are smart and consistent over time.

It is easier than you think, cryptocurrencies can be used just like the dollar, the euro or any other fiat currency, you can make transfers in cryptocurrencies and even exchange anywhere for fiat money when you need it.

In this way you double-use your money, that is, you have invested in cryptocurrencies with good positioning and you use it as we have always been used to with fiat money, but you do not run the risk of devaluing your savings.

Many countries have turned to cryptocurrencies to withstand inflation in their national currency and to give a second wind to the economy and establish a better future for all.

Now, if the use you want to give to these savings is to generate higher dividends, there are exchange platforms such as Bitfinex which allows users to lend their cryptocurrencies, without risk, for periods of 2 to 30 days to pretty attractive interest rates.

The most important thing is to be willing to try new investment alternatives, innovate and be consistent with the objectives set, only then can you enjoy the benefits in the future.


Remember that $1 was 10 times more than a bitcoin at the beginning and now bitcoin is 10,000 times more than $1.

Along the same path many cryptocurrencies go that with $1 you bought several of them in previous years and now with a single cryptocurrency you get several dollars.

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