ChainLink (LINK) my short term prediction update 4/08/2020

Lets looks at what was our last prediction about LINK 

"The last 6 days volume is up and buyers are on the scene to grab LINK and it is a piece of good news for LINK.
Our support stays at $2.15 level and looks strong point at the moment, it is moving sideways ways but the upper channel is $2.43 level and if it can reach this resistance level then the next stop might be $2.55. Looking great at this moment and hope it keeps on the same way, of course, it depends on the overall market and BTC, as long as BTC  stays at current levels and not quick moves to the downside then promising. I would watch the market carefully about LINK"
LINK /USDT Daily chart 


Volume is going up and high prices are coming to market for LINK. Support stays at $2.70 and resistance is $2.95. As long as can hold the support easily can reach resistance point and even higher point such as $3.10.
Thing is looking good for the LINK but important is holding the support level while doing sideways in the coming days. 

Hope you enjoy it 

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CryptoCoin  Predictions Series short term ( LINK )
CryptoCoin Predictions Series short term ( LINK )

This article is the first one of the serious ,it will give you my ideas about certain coins and my trading strategy about the future I just want you know that i am not a financial adviser and any information i give in here is my personnel opinion . If you follow me regularly i will post updates and future predictions about coins i hold and trade . My price predictions are short and not detail ( since i do not to bore anybody with long readings )

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