How Is It to Sell Digital Art?

How Is It to Sell Digital Art?

By jmsansan | Cryptococcus | 17 Jan 2021

A few months ago, I was sitting on the floor and I had this landscape in front of me. The scene was just very typical, the sky, some clouds, the sun, the sea and some mountains on the back. I was taking some photos of that day but I decided to try something different, so I wanted to bring some darkness and drama to that sunny day.

Therefore, I enabled the manual mode on my camera and after tinkering a little bit I got what I wanted. Then, I pointed to the landscape and push the shooting button and then this happened:


Some weeks later, I read about digital art and NFT. I heard about some platforms like Rarible and OpenSea where a lot of artists were selling art in form of NFT. So, I took a look at both pages and it was amazing because I saw a great activity. There were images, gif, and the weirdest stuff ones can’t imagine, the people have a big imagination and great creativity.

Minting the photo

The next thing I was thinking about was to sell that photo, but you know, only for the laughs. So, I connected my wallet and uploaded the photo. Now comes the next step, which is called minting. This process creates a new ERC-721 token using a smart contract.

Now is time to put my token on sale. This step is a little bit frustrating because I’m evaluating my own work and I never did that before. Rarible let me put a price on my NFT but I choose the option to open a bid in OpenSea, another market for NFT.

The process in Rarible is quite simple, upload the image, confirm a few transactions, and done. Also, It is possible to import assets from Rarible into OpenSea, so I didn’t have to mint the photo again and it was pretty easy. So, I created the bid, added a starting price of 0.001 ETH and a countdown of 14 days.

To be honest, I didn’t think anybody would bid for the token, but a few days later a user opened the bid for 0.0012 ETH. That was like $0.65 at the moment, now is $1.50. Unfortunately, nobody bid after that so that lucky guy won my best picture in the form of an NFT.

However, that day I felt happy because someone did value my work, even for a small price. This was a big injection into my self-esteem vein.

There are some open questions after the sale, how the user is gonna use the NFT? Is it going to sell it again after some time? Who is the real owner of the photo? And many more... Now, this is uncharted waters for me.


This experiment has brought me more unanswered questions but I enjoyed it. Probably I did lose money in the process due to gas fees but I don’t care because now there’s a piece of me on the Ethereum blockchain and that feels good.

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