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Axie Infinity Launches Ronin Sidechain!

By jmsansan | Cryptococcus | 1 Feb 2021

The Ronin sidechain just launched with the aim to remove gas fees related to Axie Infinity. This new feature should bring more dynamism to the game and more interaction between players. As consequence, Axie Infinity should grow in the next months.

If you have been trying to get in the game lately then you should have faced some high fees. It's the same if you have been using any DeFi platform. Some of these services are developing their own solutions to solve gas fees and Ronin is a good example.

The gas fees were affecting everything in the game that required a transaction, like breeding axies or claiming Small Love Potions. Also, the new players that wanted to play the game had to buy 3 Axies and each one with its own transaction cost.

Stage 1

The first stage of Ronin implementation consists in migrate land and items. Later in stage 2 will come Axies, breeding, and tokens. After this phase, we should see an improvement in every aspect of the game. The new players will be encouraged to buy their first set of creatures and the existing ones will be happy to breed theirs again and sell them to. Then, is time to let offer and demand do their magic and see if the price of Axies increases or decreases.

Free Land Item For Early Adopters

The firsts users to migrate from the old system to Ronin will have a chance to receive a land item, this should happen before the 25th of February. However, is not clear if this item will be exclusive to the users that migrate from Loom to Ronin or anyone that installed and connected the Ronin wallet to its account is included. The most probable is the first option.

Stage 2

The launch of Axie's sidechain is not yet completed. Stage 2 it's a complicated step because Axie's migration and contract replication will happen. Therefore, the release date is still not public but is going in the right direction and for sure, the wait will worth it.

Overall, this is good news about the gas fees noise. The game should experiment a growth and more activity coming from the players. Axie Infinity is a good game with high potential and probably one of the most profitable in the future.

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