LTC, BNB and ADA cryptocurrency trend

By CryptoChemistry | CryptoChem | 10 Jun 2020


Cardano (ADA), with an impressive revaluation in recent days, thanks to the excellent development environment that its chain is experiencing, and with a fixed date for the launch of its next update, known as Shelley.

Meanwhile, BNB and LTC have kept moving quite correlated. However, it is relevant to note that the Binance token has greater probabilities of revaluation in the short term.

LTC trend

Litecoin, considered the silver of cryptocurrencies, was born in order to take advantage of all the benefits of the BTC code, but looking for a way to make a more affordable and scalable network.

This project has never purported to take Bitcoin away. The main idea is that it is used for smaller transactions, such as retail. However, its adoption is still very small.

Although, from my point of view, there is still no clear long-term LTC outlook, I can assure you that for the short and medium term we will see it fluctuate in a highly correlated way with BTC.

The LTC trend for the next few days remains bullish, quickly identifiable with ever higher lows.

The resistance price is $ 50.12. if it goes through it, it would be a very good signal for the medium term, as there will be no relevant barrier until approximately USD 63.

Cryptocurrency trend: BNB

Binance Coin is one of the cryptocurrencies with the best prospects for the short and medium term, despite being one of the youngest.

The BNB price increase is directly linked to the growth of the Binance exchange, positioned as leader.

The signals from the technical analysis also support this positive trend of the BNB token.

Currently the price is at USD 17.72, if you go through it, the terrain will be cleared until USD 21.33.

For this outlook to turn bearish, support at $ 17 must be breached.

ADA trend

One of the projects that have performed best in this 2020, clearing the ground for a positive performance during the rest of it.

ADA is the label with which the Cardano cryptocurrency is identified, capable of increasing its price by more than 350% from the current year's low. A rise supported by solid fundamentals, related to the upcoming network update, which is called Shelley.
Thanks to this, today ADA has a clear upward trend.

Currently, the price is close to reaching a next weekly barrier, located at USDT 0.096. From overcoming that supply zone, the next objective is quite far away, close to USDT 0.17.

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