How to mine Monero?

By CryptoChemistry | CryptoChem | 15 Jun 2020


The first thing of all is to have a wallet or purse for Monero in which you can keep the coins that you mine. Luckily, Monero offers a free and secure wallet through its official website: we are talking about MyMonero.

You must register on the platform you choose, and copy the key of your account. It is a unique ID that will be your wallet address. You must not lose it!

Software download.

The software will always depend on the mining community that you include. The most used are:

Nanopool (This software is the most recommended).

The last 3 are specialists in Monero. You can find a complete list on the website, which is responsible for informing Internet users about all the software available for XMR mining.

How to mine moneros?

Just as there are many Monero mining communities, there are also many XMR mining software. In this case the simplest and most intuitive of all, so that you can configure it in less than 10 minutes and start mining moneros fast and easy is the XMR-Stak software and it is available for download on GitHub. You download and install it. It is possible that your antivirus detects it as malware: you must place it in the whitelist of your antivirus.

Install and configure XMR-Stak


The next step is to configure XMR-Stak to start mining Monero. With the XMR-Stak folder installed on the main hard drive, you must run the file "xmr-stak.exe".

A command line window (CMD) will open, with a black background and an unusual appearance.

The program will ask you a series of questions, which you must answer like this:

Currency: ‘monero’ or ‘aeon’: Answer monero and press Enter.

Pool address: You respond with the web address of the server of your pool. For example,

Username: You respond with your wallet address (Monero key). The address where you receive the money.

Password: It will depend on the wallet. Sometimes the password consists of a 13-word phrase, so you should not put anything. In other wallets, the Monero password is an x ​​(x). You must place x and give Enter, or give Enter nothing else, as the case may be.

Does this pool port support TLS / SSL? It asks you if your pool supports an SSL certificate. You must answer y to answer yes, and n to say no. The program warns you that, if you do not know, answer no: type n and press Enter.

Do you want to use Nicehash? You must answer no (n)

Do you want to use multiple pools? You must answer no (n)
After this, the XMR-Stak program will automatically start mining from your Windows computer. Therefore, you do not need to do anything additional.


Verification and transfer to wallet

Once you know that your program is running correctly, you can go to the official website of your pool, and put the acronym of the currency before. For example: for SupportXMR for Nanopool.
And so, depending on each case.

At the top right, a field will appear that says Address. Put your Monero wallet address there. If everything is working, it will indicate the important data: current power, average power of the last 24 hours, your current balance in Monero (XMR), and the current balance that you have earned, but that has yet to be verified on the blockchain.

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