Rug Zombie-The next potential blockchain based game

By Unemployed Ceo | CryptoCentral | 29 Apr 2022


RugZombie is a place where we bury dead coins in exchange for zombie NFTs (digital art). Have you ever taken part in a rug-pulling event, such as:

Emperor token,Gorilla Yield,Uranium finance, Burger Rugbiden etc

If that's the case, you can deposit your worthless tokens in our smart contract, stake them with Zombie tokens, and receive an NFT in exchange. You will have a lot of fun playing with dead coins.

I believe that everyone should keep an eye on RugZombie since they have the potential to become incredibly successful. They're working on a collection of Zombie-themed games that will incorporate a range of NFTs. The games will all be set in a zombie-themed setting with a story to tell. 

You can earn NFTs for these forthcoming games by:

Stake Zombie tokens ($ZMBE) on a Grave alongside a rugged (failed) token. Burn the failed token on the grave and stake $ZMBE for 7-45 days (depending on the grave).You will receive extra $ZMBE and an NFT once the tube period has ended. 

After 45 days, stake $ZMBE in a Spawning Pool to obtain new tokens and a LEGENDARY NFT.Liquidity for Zombie on Pancakeswap is required. You can also sell your Zombie NFTs on market place like Oblivion.


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Unemployed Ceo
Unemployed Ceo

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