How to buy BTC for $35,345 right now

By SirK133 | CryptoCat | 6 Feb 2022

Right now there is a chance to buy bitcoin for $35,345. Unfortunately, there are no miracles, you will have to endure the fact that BTC will be bought by a proxy in the form of shares of Microstrategy Inc. The company of one of the most famous HODLers, Michael Saylor, has 125,051 BTC on its balance sheet and its shares are publicly traded on the NASDAQ.

However, Microstrategy's current market capitalization is far less than the value of the BTCs it holds. With a market cap of $4.42 billion (assuming a price of $391 per share), the value of BTC held by Microstrategy is approximately $5.1 billion (assuming a BTC price of $41,500). Dividing the company's market capitalization by the amount of BTC it owns gives us the aforementioned $35,345 per BTC. On Friday, you could have bought Microstrategy shares for about $340, which meant that the price of one BTC in Microstrategy's treasury was about $29,000.

As reported in Microstrategy's financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2021, the company's average BTC purchase price was $30,159. Most of their BTC (110,000) is not used in any way, they just HODL it. However, in recent interviews, Michael Saylor indicated that they are looking for a way to use this BTC, which could be another growth factor for the company. Microstrategy's main business is software, and that brings in revenue. Q4 revenues of $134.52 million beat the consensus of $133.2 million and were up from $131.32 million in the year-ago period.

I think the opportunity to buy BTC at a discount is attractive - in the package with your BTC you get a piece of a software company for free. I used this option myself when I couldn't buy real BTC (my retirement account can't hold crypto). A similar purchase was made by Alex Mashinsky, creator of the Celsius lending platform. Since Alex and Michael know each other, I would not be surprised if some of the Microstrategy BTC ended up on Celsius - just a rumor going around.

May your coins be like cats - eager to climb and unable to come down,

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